10 December 2008

10th December: Soccer!

Tonight was the second week of community soccer. There are many things I like about living in a small community, and the 'local's' soccer game is one of them.

There is no age limit of who can play, it doesn't matter if you're a boy or girl. These games are all about... WINNING! (Ok, I know I should be saying they are about having fun, getting some exercise, building community spirit etc, but let's be honest, who doesn't play to win??)

This is the game many people dream of playing, neighbour v's neighbour, friend v's friend, brother v's sister. Everyone has their moment of glory, (or plain luck). The luck part comes in if they have managed to come out of a tackle by me without being kicked in the shins, totally not intended on my behalf.

Of all sports soccer has always been my favourite. I even amaze myself with how excited I can become chasing a ball of air around a field. Just to clear one thing up, when I say field, I mean, long(ish) grass, some pot holes, clumps of dirt, oh yeah and goal post either end.

This evening I found myself a little out numbered; I was the only girl to show up. Though I guess someone needs to bring along the team encouragement speaker. And the goaly!

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