28 December 2010


Everything changes so quickly,
two days, two weeks, two months!

However, dwelling upon my short comings of the past will get me no where now.
Because of the festive season and getting caught up in looking back on a year past, and a new year before, it is clear to me that a goal was bound to be set.
More blogging is promised in 2011.
A year I will find rather hard to take seriously because of this clip...

Hoping you had a safe and happy Christmas!

28 October 2010

28th October: Its that time again...

November 1st is approaching fast... time for pen and paper (reality: laptop) to get ready for some serious word count.

I can hardly believe its time for NANOWRIMO again. (If you have no idea what this is, I highly suggest you follow the link to novel dreams!)
This will be my third year attempting Nano, and I'm a little less prepared than I had hoped I'd be by now, however I shall do my best to pump out my words each day, and hopefully find a plot line along the way.                                                              

My main idea for this years story, is that of a life where nothing grand happens, but how in so many ways he's crossed paths with many other lives (even in the smallest way) where huge events have taken place. How one man can be involved in so many big things, while living his own calm life.

We'll see what happens with that.

Have a lovely weekend,

23 October 2010

Flower shop LOVE!

One day, I long to have a workspace that looks somewhat like this!

06 October 2010

6th October: Bad Threes

My Grandma has always told me that bad things always come in three's.

Coming across a snake-nest right near our house was definitely one way to start off a shocking week. (Thinking about it we found 3 snake-lings, snake-lets?) We have done our best to make the garden as snake free as possible, yet when they are as small as these were, it is near to impossible to keep them out.

The following night, Bob and Polly (our older puppies) got into a rather serious set to, from which I could not separate them. Normally I can keep my head in stressful times, however when there is a dog fight, I fall apart. Luckily for me, my Dad was only just up the road, and a phone call saw him running down the dimly lit street in a matter of seconds. Both puppies came out with a few battle scares and limps; this has brought them to be best buddies again.

Finally, Sunday, not long after farewell-ing  my Tin-man, I answered the phone at work to him telling me he'd just crashed his car. Again, I fell apart... (Maybe I'm not as good at keeping my head in stressful times as I'd like to think I am!) He didn't so much as have a scratch upon him, the car  on the other hand wasn't so lucky. This brought to mind how blessed I'd been in my own accident; there very well may be two angles up there now, with tire-marks on there backs!
Today I am grateful for the Love and Protection from God above.

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend on the other side of the world. May you find many adventures in the years that follow. 

I hope your week was slightly calmer than all that!
Blessings to you, 

23 September 2010

That Feeling

I can feel it in my bones;
As the buds form and bloom,
on that not long ago a twig.

An idea grows...

the excitement in my mind to plan
the aching within my fingers to create
the longing in my heart to begin!

I feel a new project coming on.

17 September 2010


Where flowers abound!

Spent an afternoon, windy as it was, viewing all the colours that Floriade had on offer this year.
Even though at times it is hard to see what the designers have had in mind, I cannot help but walk around in awe as it always comes together so beautifully.

(Now is when I bombard you with a number of colourful pictures!)

~Standing at the top end~

~Lollipop land!~

~ Somewhere over the rainbow, I found a leprechaun (on the right)~

~I loved this slightly 'wild' looking area~

When we thought we'd seen all that there was, the walk back to the gates proved to be that bit extra, as we passed under these bright hung umbrellas. Made me want to sing and dance like Mary Poppins!

Have a lovely weekend,

09 September 2010

Life is Wonderful, Kick the Blues

When everyday happenings seem to overwhelm... Sarah's top five "Life is wonderful, kick the blues", steps to brighter days.

Number one:

Clean your view of the world.
NO, I'm not talking about getting in touch with your attitude and thinking about all that you have.... (although that's not a terrible thing to do.) Now is not the time to be thinking about that. You're "IN THE BLUES" everything will seem gloomy.

I meant more literally.

Clean the windows in your Room, Kitchen, Office.... Where ever you look out from. Your favourite view, make it clearer.

Number Two:

Change your bed sheets. Put on the fluffy-est, most comfortable, clean smelling ones you can find. Puff all your pillows. A good nights sleep is one of the best things that can bring a brighter morning.

Number Three:

A change is as good as a holiday! And that's the truth. If you can manage to move things around so that it makes your everyday a bit easier to live with, than that is far better for the soul. (cost... Zero)

So start moving that furniture around.
Re-organise your work space, bring out your favourite things from hiding and put them on display.

Number Four:

BE CREATIVE! finish off that project you've been 'meaning' to get to. Start something new. Either way, create.

Number Five:

Certainly not least... Make someone else smile.
As a kid, we'd sing along to this song "Happiness came looking for me, when I started bringing happiness to others." As cliche as it may sound, nothing brings such pure peace as that of a selfless act.

There you have it, my tried and tested methods to give the blues the kick.
Have happy days, would you just look at that rainbow already!


25 August 2010

Lane One Form!!!

Simply HAD to share with you this (my very favourite) photo taken of my Tin-Man's big concert night, held on the 6th.

Doing their thing, in front of 1200 people. It was a wonderful performance, great feel, excellent night!

Who knows where it will go for them now, all I can tell you is Watch this Space, I'll keep you updated.

Now I can officially say I'm a FAN! (I have the shirt to prove it!)


03 August 2010

3rd August: 100 Things

I've realised, its not how great an idea (or project) someone has come up with. What is inspiring is when someone manages to keep to said idea; to finish what has been dreamed.

Whoever said dreams come true were easy.?

#21. Ride a carousel for an hour
#22. Read Shakespeare's full works
#23. Write every day for a year
#24. Host a surprise party
#25. Spend a night under the stars

I've added a few more things to my Living list, I challenge you to do the same.

War and Peace: Page 17/1358

02 August 2010

2nd August: Stormy days, stormy nights

The symbol of a promise made,
bright colours in a bow.
Never will the memory fade,
never will we know.

Of stormy days,
of stormy nights

Were they tears of God that covered the earth,
those forty nights and days.
Mankind proving of no worth
no point for sunshine rays.

So stormy days,
so stormy nights.

The start of something I've been working on. It feels so good to create again. Like visiting and old friend, like finding a little piece of who you are, of what you've forgotten to be.

War and Peace: Page 17/1358

01 August 2010

1st August: The PLAN

Gosh I've missed this place!

August is proving to be quite an eventful month; and its only just begun.
I have tickets to gigs, a short (however still exciting) visit planned,and as is always the case many projects in mind.

In light of the eventful nature of what shall follow, and my total lack of postings of late, I'll be posting a new post every day in August. Lets put the dancing shoes back on.

Number one big gig, most excited for, will be my Tin-man's Gig!! In what has been a whirl-wind of excitement, Tin-man won a spot in Scotty and Nige's Rock Band. Come Friday night I'll get to see him play his guitar to a (sold out) audience of 1200.
With 4 other supporting acts, and LANE ONE FORM's very first performance, its sure to be an enjoyable night.

I've recently acknowledged my lack (laziness) of all things creative, this has extended even to those activities that I most enjoy. Reading being one of the top three that has been discluded completely of late. Hence, I plan on working my way through "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy during August. It has been on my list of 'to read' for TOO long. The copy I've acquired is thick, and the writing small... I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Hoping this day finds you happy.

(I woke up to all the colours of the rainbow, wanted to share them with you)

War and Peace: Page 1/1358

16 June 2010

All about the Pie!

It has taken me some time to decide upon how I go about the task of intradusing you all to what is the center of my world. (Sorry sweetheart, the other center of my world.)

As anyone who reads this here blog would know, my family has recently opened a cafe. (I'm sure nothing more really needs to be said, however, that is not my style!)

I will be uploading a series of posts over the next couple of weeks, showing you as best as I know how this new adventure we are experiencing. HOWEVER, I will not be uploading them on this blog, but THE DAILY PIE! blog. (work should not take over this space of mine too!)

I will end by giving you a 'taste' of what we do, and are about at The Daily Pie. And I will mention on here when I have updated/posted new photos-stories-oddities.

Till the pie is high in the sky,

02 June 2010

2nd June: Quite a Bite!

Everything changes so fast!

As I mentioned (rather briefly for the enormousness of its affect on my life) The Daily Pie has been opened for a little over two months now. What a fully loaded couple of months they have been. Although having worked in hospitality for well over 5 years of my short 21 years, never before in my life have I felt so unprepared mentally, emotionally, physically for all that running a cafe involves.

Yes it is very similar to what I have done in past years; make coffee, serve food, smile, be polite to customers, clean tables, smile, prepare vegetables, wash dishes, smile...
Talking about how things would change, and it coming to an actuality are so different from each other. Getting up early, finishing late sounds easy enough. (However putting foot to cold floor in the morning is a little harder to follow through with.)

Along with all the newness, we are gearing up for our first ever "Upper Crust" (The Daily Pie's members club) event. Being held on the 18th of June 2010. The night will feature a variety of Chai teas, locally made and owned, matched with our range of pies. (Becoming a member is simple, sign up at THE DAILY PIE!)

2010 has started out proving to be year of the Doctor for our family. First with my Dad snapping his Achilles, High blood pressure all round, and with what has been an eventful bad foot on my behalf. I had to get x-rays taken a couple of weeks ago; they helped little in identifying what has caused pain in my left foot; however they did show that I have a needle in my right!
(now how did he get there??!)
With the inconclusiveness of the x-rays showing that anything was broken/fractured the doc narrowed it down to maybe being some kind of (spider?) bite. However after 10 days of antibiotics with no avail; tomorrow I'm booked in for a 'bone scan' to see if that can identify and shed a little more light on the matter. Turns out that a little bite can cause quite a fuss!

I would like to finish off this post by sharing with you a little something I found funny on a friends facebook page. Boy's logic in their thinking, I don't think I'll ever understand!

L’s Status Update: I love the rain, but not when it cost you money cause you cant work =(

A: I get my p's soon I’ll come up and visit

L: You can drive a f*’n GT an in New south we can only drive 6s =(

A: :) wooooo :D lol I’m buyin an xr6 turbo and goin to hopefully get a stage 3 turbo put in it

L: nice =) I’m gettin an xr8 in mine once I’m off the greens... I’m gettin red leather in it in a few months =D

A: thats mad. love the sound of xr8's

L: yeah ill get an exhaust in it too

A: f* yeah thats so good man well done

Mam: I'm getting a Ford XR8 Ute - 32 valve 5.4 litre with a shiny Momo shifter, linked up to a 5 speed manual transmission (Tremec T3650). I can just smell it now: burnt rubber and scorched clutch. Sweet.

Do we even know what this means??! Do we have to?
If I was only allowed 100 reasons why I loved my Mam, this would make the list!
(Slight editing being used)


26 May 2010

Kings and Queens

Probably the most fun I've ever had playing with Chess! Mainly this is because I had never been shown the proper way of playing chess; it was the game in which you'd make up your own rules as you went along.
However if every game was played with such pieces (and company) as this, I'd play more often!

Keep smiling,

18 May 2010

To Share With You

A poem lost to the pages of a note book.
I wanted to share this one with you.

If only I could be these four walls,
that look upon you while you sleep.
These walls that keep you safe at night
protected from the wind and rain.

If only I could be these four walls,
that you paint as often as your nails.
To be the canvas for you to pin,
memories, curiosities, pretties that make you smile.

If only I could be these four walls
that listen intently when you read out loud-
That gets to see your face
when in your mind you are dreaming of adventure.

If only I could be these four walls,
the first place you run when you feel alone,
to be your comfort through all pain,
to keep the world out when you need a break.

If only I could be these four walls.

I trust you are well friends,
As is always the case, my love to you...

07 May 2010

Party Animal

Just to make you smile!
My puppy is a rocker!


A Little Lovin'

Too long I have put off the breaking of my absence here. I have missed this space, I have missed reading the spaces of others.

I don't know words enough to sum up how much has passed,

Life truly gives us no chance to suspect we know all that it will bring our way, God has a bigger plan for us then we give Him credit for.
It is always what may seem the smallest moment that changes everything.

One day I was standing watching our Mayor cut a chain, which was to represent the official opening of THE DAILY PIE. Before I have known where the time went, we have been open for nearly two months already.
(Photos to come real soon)

Keep safe,
Love Sarah-Mechelle

10 January 2010

10th January: Moments like these!

Number four:

This needs no explination, but to say, in 2010 I want to have a thousand more moments like these!

09 January 2010

9th January: Sow, a needle pulling thread

Do creative people always finish what they start? As a little girl I always had big ideas of things I wanted to make, or try. I loved drawing (not particularly good, mind) things that I would turn into actual objects.

This year ahead is the year of reckoning. Of freeing myself of the weight of unfinished projects, half done nothings that have burdened my creative juices with the guilt of knowing I shouldn't start something new, until the something unfinished is complete.

So here it is, NUMBER THREE!

Every month to complete something creative, weather it be a new project or an old haunt.

My fingers came out unscaved after spending hours today ironing and pinning. This particular quilt I started at somewhere between my tenth and twelfth year... (YES, I know, I KNOW!) with all the squares cut entirely from dresses I wore as a girl-child.

I can hardly wait to show you it finished at the end of the month... Wish me luck here people!

My love to you,

08 January 2010

8th January: Resolution two

Number Two!

In 2010, I hope to read 50 books or more. Although I have set a number to this, it is not so much the number that I am concerned about. Rather the actuality of making my way down (and reading up) a whole chunk of books I have had on the list "TO READ".

(Number two.five)

This comes hand in hand with the resolve to find new accommodation for some old loves, as well as some new I hope to find throughout the days that follow. I'm sure I will find some lost loves hidden within, if they were given a little more room to breath.

I heard someone say once, (forgive me I do not remember whom) "if you have more shelf space then you have books, you are doing something wrong."
According to said advice, I think I'm on a good path...


07 January 2010

7th January: Resolution - one

I have decided that this month I will share with you each day (from today) a new years resolution for this 'the year of our Lord 2010'.

Number one:

Comes after a phone call at work from my uncle, who after booking a table, and telling me about his Christmas and life, hesitates before saying "had a rough day yesterday." This was slowly followed by him telling me how he had had to put to sleep his 'baby girl' Polly the English sheepdog. "It happens so quickly, she was in my arms, then she was gone."

I'm sure I need not have to mention how close to tears I came, with the scare of nearly loosing our own Bobby recently.

So that is it, 2010 I want to be able to be strong for the ones I love. To comfort in any small way, to find compassion and a level of understanding even if there is nothing else I can do or be for them.

Because I can't move the mountains for you, but I will climb them with you!


p.s Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post, always encouraging!
Its good to be back!