14 May 2008

Lolly shop

Today (like all Wednesdays) was my day off.

Being that I live in the country, days off are often spent in 'town.' Visiting Grandparents, doing grocery shopping, running errands, stopping at several cafes for coffee (wishing the coffee was better), disappointing my music teacher... The list goes on.

However, there was a lunch date set with my uncle today, this cancelling out any 'normal' routine. After a HUGE steak sandwich, we visited a lolly shop.

A lolly shop is becoming a bit of a dying breed here in Australia. I mean our main supermarkets do have your everyday chocolate, or chew-ables. But what about those hard rock lollies, where there is well over 20 different flavours. Or those hard to find sweets that you only get on a trip. Those tubes of love hearts each with their own little message, e.g true love, be mine, blue eyes...

What I love about these lolly shops is that you can smell the sugar in the air well before you get through the door. I love that you can buy only the red gummy bears if those are your favourite. I also love the amount of time you can spend looking at all the jars lining the walls, the coloured wrappings, and the fact that no matter how old you are, you can still enjoy making that final (often hard and rushed) decision.

Need I less to say that as I write I am pulling many faces making my way through a Wonka fabulicious-sour with nerds. You didn't think I left with nothing?! My bag was filled with Wonka goodies; nerds, nerd-rope, a tube of love hearts, some Reese's peanut butter cups and a pack of watermelon chewing gum.

Guess what I'll be snacking on later??

13 May 2008

The last two weeks I have spent drilling, and tapping. Standing still for 8 hours a day, making a hole in a inch long piece of solid, round steel. After reaching a substantial amount, (between 200-300),changing the head on the drill to start again on those same small 'cut offs' to now 'tap' them ready for any a 8mm bolt.

For this week at least I had decided to make better use of my time. So for the first two hours of drilling/tapping, I, with the help of my ipod, have been having Italian 1-0-1. In the middle of a steel workshop, and I'm hearing... "cosa dicono le previsioni?" -soon followed by the English translation- "What's the weather forecast?"

Other than Italian, my ipod can spent the day distracting me with anything from 'Queen' to Tchaikovsky's 'The Seasons.' If I'm feeling a bit adventurous Pavarotti has even been known to make an appearance.

Besides my diverse music choice, what has fascinated me the most is how your thoughts go after spending days on a job that doesn't need all of your attention as you do it.

My thoughts went a little like this today:

Put steel in vice, tighten vice, now start drilling...

"Oh, I must take that cd through to Grandma tomorrow.
Before I do, must check it is uploaded on computer.

What is on telly tonight? Oh wait its GORDON RAMSEY!!!

Really need to make a proper video for youtube. Any ideas??? ah....

It must be at least 12:00pm by now surly. (I turn to glance at clock) What only 9:45!

Toasted sandwiches for lunch? Maybe with cheese and ham.

Shoot, I haven't done my theory for this week. Maybe I could finish it tonight.. NO, Gordon is on tonight. It should only take an hour.

Oh, I'm through.."
It is at this point I let go of the drill handle, untighten the vice, drop my drilled 'nut', as it were, into the bucket and start the process again. My thoughts jumping more radically by the end of the morning. Luckily I was saved by the distraction of lunch!