29 September 2009

29th September: The Day

The sun is bright, glowing through the blinds, and the feathers, and the drops I have in my window.
The day is waiting for me to get up, and start enjoying it.
The crows are cooing,
The dogs are getting anxious to be let out of their kennel
The coffee machine is on,
The black and white keys I love, are calling my name, "Sarah... play us a tune!"
The dust upon said keys is gloating its swift return
The words in my head are spinning, twirling, running from me to catch them
The washing is waiting
The 'to do' list is growing
The family is sleeping
The time is passing
The song goes round and round
The excitement is growing
I can wait no longer!
We will talk soon! Enjoy your day my Poppets!

23 September 2009

23rd September: Where is my wand?!

If today from my cage of closed-minded-ness I am set free; The first thing my eyes would like to see is the smiles that have occurred in silence. My wings stretch in the freedom; having had them folded for so long caused stubborn creases of bad habits that are taking time to straighten out.

This cage of mind started much like a rash, which so suddenly grew, taking inch after inch; changing everything I knew about the world, everything I knew about myself. It took time before I stopped noticing the itching, and accepted my bounding.

Looking back I am someone quite different then who I was before. Although this happens with time, it is not time alone that has caused this transition, but the experience itself.
There is no going back from where I have been, no one can alter that which is now past.

What happened to my wand? The one that changes things... The wand that brings smiles and happiness to the ones I love. I thought I had it once. I thought it was possible to fix everything.
But I cannot do this alone.

I have shed my blinkers, I can see the pain in the world around me. As much as I didn't want to search for it, I can no longer ignore it now either.
But I can try to throw out a life line...

Once I questioned why other people didn't seem to see the beauty in the world... I wondered if they truly could not see it. I have come to understand, that they too could see it, it just takes effort to see it. Which sounds strange, that you have to focus to see the good, but it is very much in the same way as we know, it takes less muscles to smile then to frown... Yet why are there so many sad faces.?!

Today I look for the rainbow, because the clouds are hiding the sun.


21 September 2009

21st September: To You

To the clouds that make shadows of the rays
To the colours who's glory I will forever be in awe
To the wind, in your warmth as you mess up my hair
To the sun in who's light my skin tingles
To the birds and the bees, your tune in my ears you sing
To the smells of dirt, and cut grass, to fresh air, and the promise of rain
To the words that floated around in this moment, words I had no chance to catch

11 September 2009

I wish I could make you understand-
there is a whole big, beautiful world here-
ready for us to live in-
not wishes for tomorrow
nor memories of yesterday-
but now-
a billion fleeting moments
merging together
to make a life time-
Love this moment
and it is forever-
I wish I could make you understand....
~Nan Witcomb~

09 September 2009

9th September: These are the moments....

These are the moments that get us through the dark times. That make the good times ever sweeter.

07 September 2009

7th September: Flickr

Its photo time!

I opened a flickr account a little while back, with great intentions of putting many photos I take up there. Sadly this didn't happen as I had the great plan for it.


I will slowly be adding photos up there if you would like to take a look-see.

Middlepaw on Flickr!

03 September 2009

3rd September: Reps!

Perks of being just about to open a new food business?....
Free samples from food reps!

The first of many to come: - meeting with suppliers. Although at some stage this may become a very tedious part of my life, for the time being I am enjoying getting to find out about this whole other side of buying, sourcing, and using this vast array of products that are on the market these days.

Before heading into the business of pies, I had no idea there were tens of different types of butter, each processed in a particular way. I would not have known to be able to mention the enormity of everything they have a product for.

Oh and the thrill of having found a product that may just be what you were looking for.

Time moves at a faster pace while the man is sitting there going through a pile of different papers with the products he supplies. As he tells you the story behind each different manufacturer of the goods.

You sit there listening, throwing in a question or two when you remember to. (Telling yourself the whole time that you will not be sucked in by his 'sales man talk', yet there you sit, getting more and more excited with each new product shown to you - or sample that is offered.) Oh yes, the perks!