30 September 2011

Delightful Sights

 A walk around our over grown garden resulted in me finding these gorgeous wild poppies that have made themselves at home in our orchard. How lovely are these colours?!
This was also a pleasure to find; a group of bulbs I planted a few months ago, reaching for the sunlight. Now if only I could remember what they are...


21 September 2011

'DIY what?!'

 Jump into bed, make your self cozy, reach for the book on the side table... Oh yeah, new side tables!

My Mam picked these up for a scream, off memory under $20 for the pair. And as she had no immediate use for them, I claimed them as my own. (Love you Mam)

I decided to paint them a super shiny black, firstly because black furniture goes well with my piano and
secondly because I LOVE shiny things.
As often is the case, I forgot to take 'before' shots, but that shall not stop me sharing my excitement at their completion with you.

The 'Telephone' cabinet is a recent gift from my sweetheart. It didn't take me long to pimp it out with my collection of nail polish, perfumes, and bangles.
(It makes me think of the Tardis... I CANT HELP IT!)

Happy Wednesday,