01 November 2009

1st November: NANO!!!!

Day one of NaNoWriMo and I couldn't be more excited to begin. After trying and coming in short last year I've come into this Nano a little more prepared. (Well, that being said, I don't have a plot as such) what I have is a book full of ideas which have been collected over the past year, ideas I thought I would be able to expand upon.) We'll see how what one turns out!

I do how ever have my title...! I am excited about this. Even though by the end of Nano I may have changed it a thousand times. As it stands my 2009 November novel has the title: The Keeping of Together.

Write-in one was held at a Pancake parlor this morning. There were authors of all different genres, and ages. Although we call them write-ins we all know the truth of the matter is minimal writing is actually done at said events. Yet it is encouraging to have this group of people come together all attempting this same challenge.This year we have badges and stickers! Oh yay!I love both!

I have been feeling horrible about the lack of attention I have given this poor blog. Though I am determined to keep it updated during the month of November, even if my eyes start crossing with seeing too many words on a screen, and my fingers cramp up.

NaNo word count to date: 1745 words
Words left:48,255
Days left before the end of Nano: 29