28 December 2011

Where my family gathered this year. How wonderful it was!
My love to you and your families!

15 December 2011

Wardrobe LOVE: I'm Still Alive!


A quick show of face to confirm the life still running through my veins.

 This summer has proved to be one of the coldest we have had in years, jackets and jumpers are still making a daily appearance.

I loved putting this outfit together.
Camo and Lace should be found in every wardrobe, or at least that is my belief.
Those shoes are my favourites, I don't get chance to wear them half as much as I'd like.

Hoping your enjoying this festive season. Of which I look forward to talking more about very soon.

26 November 2011

There Are Days

There are days when jobs can wait to be finished,
When hair can go uncombed.
There are days when God's blessings overwhelm me,
When my heart swells.
There are days when the sun shines brighter,
When clouds cannot be found.
There are days for adventure,
When these days come it is best to share them with someone you love.

I Love these days.

15 November 2011

Nano Snippet

I couldn't bring myself to start reading over my current Nano novel, 
(knowing that there would be too many things I'd want to change about it.) 
However I so wanted to share some Nano with you. So here is a snippet from last years novel. 
I'd love to know what you think!

“Marry me!” He pleaded as he had come to the end of the page, upon which had been laid a thought of her mind. 

“Marry you?” she repeated in the silence that followed such a question. 

“Yes!' He urged, "Because I don’t understand it, and it might take me my lifetime to understand. I want that knowledge, I want to understand you, almost as much as I just want you to be in my life daily. To understand one such as yourself, to look at the deeper side of existence, to have you would be the completeness of my soul. Take me on this journey with you, let us discover it together...’

There followed an awkward silence. All he could hear was his heart beating now from within his brain; And she, dizzy with the thousand thoughts jumping all at once upon her, mouth dry, hands becoming sweaty. 

Suddenly nothing... All thoughts had fled, not one left to distract her from the look behind his eyes. 
“What if you never find your answers? What when you don’t feel you want to know anymore? What if you come to the end of your search to find you went looking for nothing, that there is no more to me then what you see of me right now??”  The words came rolling over each other in their rush to escape her lips. Tears had found their own way down her cheeks, her skin bumpy and trembling.

He smiled, “Then I would have been blessed to have spent my time with what you have already laid upon my sad self. I would have walked with the angels.”

Sunshine and roses,

09 November 2011

Wardrobe LOVE: Nano Nerd

I promised myself that I wouldn't abandon this space for the sake of Nano, and I plan on keeping to that.
Week one of Nano proved to be more successful than it has been in past years. Although not on my ideal word count, I am happily writing my way to 50,000 words.
(For those of you who may not know, Nanowrimo is a month long challenge to write a 50,000 word novel) This will be my third year taking part in the crazy; I've got a good feeling that third time will be the charm!


The days have definitely started getting hot here now, and I've been enjoying bringing out all the summery things. Especially these bow shoes!

Happy Wednesday to you all,

Nano word count: 9,341!

29 October 2011

Mixing things up

As you may have seen upon arrival (for those of you who have been here before) I have given my space a little change. I enjoy rearranging  things.

I've included pages at the top for my familys two business, a quick history if you will. For I'm sure I've confused people in the past when trying to share both these sides of my life.
I would like for you to take a look.... (Please?)

Also I would love to know what you think of the new look?


26 October 2011

Wardrobe LOVE: 'Rock, Step, Kick!'

Have I mentioned, I've started swing dance lessons?!

This is what I wore to a 'frocktober' special swing social. I've always loved the clothing from the swing era, the music was 'happening' and the dancing itself is definitely one of the funnest ways to swish your skirt on the dance floor.

Despite my total lack of body coordination, I've been enjoying learning steps for the Lindy hop and Charleston.

'rock, step, trip-le-step, step, step, trip-le-step' is the new rhythm of my life.

5, 6, 7, 8...


22 October 2011


A little birdy is here to tell you of a very special lady!

Mam taught me pretty much everything I know.Never to give up, to be truthful, to be the better person.

Despite the fact that we may be from two different generations, I'm quite sure I could never find a more kindred soul to mine. We are two the same my Mam and me. We come from the same kind of pod.
I call her my FREAK, as so often we will be thinking along the same lines, or finding beauty in thoughts, words or objects at the exact moment.

I love working with her, sharing cups of tea while having discussions. Ever talking of future plans and goals. My Mam works harder then most people I know, she is the in-house Dr, the bookkeeper, peacemaker, organiser, event coordinator, business owner, pie maker. She is a true woman of substance...

Happy birthday FREAK!

My love and devotion,
Your daughter

P.S Go give my Mam some love over here!

19 October 2011

Drinkable LOVE

The sun has started to warm our days a little more, and this has resulted in lunch and 'smoko' breaks being enjoyed in our front courtyard/garden. 
In celebration of this new found warmth - a jug of blueberry iced tea.
I had never tried it with blueberries before, however the end result is a refreshing delightfully blushed treat.

How I did it...
Two lemons, juiced
300g (ish) of frozen blueberries
2.5 litres of water, boiled
8 Australian Breakfast tea bags (my favourite daily blend...!)
Caster sugar to taste.

Simmer lemon juice and blueberries for 5 minutes, till the berries turn soft.
Boil water, after boiling remove from heat.
Steep tea bags to desired strength.
Sift berry mix into 'tea'.
Add sugar to taste.

I added a few whole berries to my glass for extra decadents.


18 October 2011

Wardrobe LOVE

In my absence, thoughts of you have been chasing tail in my head. How I want to share my stories. If I could be so bold to say, how I long to encourage and inspire.

Wardrobe LOVE a new weekly topic to share what I'm loving (and wearing). 
I do not believe for a minute that I have 'perfect' styling, however a love of things (dare I use the word....) vintage, red and girly are some of what you'll see here.

My heart never grew out of the joy found in dress ups!

Lets have a tea, and try this on for size....

30 September 2011

Delightful Sights

 A walk around our over grown garden resulted in me finding these gorgeous wild poppies that have made themselves at home in our orchard. How lovely are these colours?!
This was also a pleasure to find; a group of bulbs I planted a few months ago, reaching for the sunlight. Now if only I could remember what they are...


21 September 2011

'DIY what?!'

 Jump into bed, make your self cozy, reach for the book on the side table... Oh yeah, new side tables!

My Mam picked these up for a scream, off memory under $20 for the pair. And as she had no immediate use for them, I claimed them as my own. (Love you Mam)

I decided to paint them a super shiny black, firstly because black furniture goes well with my piano and
secondly because I LOVE shiny things.
As often is the case, I forgot to take 'before' shots, but that shall not stop me sharing my excitement at their completion with you.

The 'Telephone' cabinet is a recent gift from my sweetheart. It didn't take me long to pimp it out with my collection of nail polish, perfumes, and bangles.
(It makes me think of the Tardis... I CANT HELP IT!)

Happy Wednesday,

17 August 2011

Forgotten Words

Sorting through old files, I found these words from a Nanowrimo procrastination bout. I love coming across words I forgot I wrote. Like some how words will keep my memories safe for me in times when I don't remember.

"So this is 'A', a friend of two years. She writes and beyond all else is a good human being. Even if that means she is a little crazy at times.  'A' manages to have really heated arguments with my dad and brother, which end mostly in both parties having red faces and sore throats.
I wish it was different, as sometimes I’m sure one will at any moment dive over the table that separates the screaming pair and tackle the other to the ground. I’ve watched this fight many times in my head. It never ends well for all involved. However in my version there is always an amount of hair pulling and slapping and even more screaming than what they started with in the beginning."

*Polka dot nails for me today, its so simple and fun*


16 August 2011


The sun was out for the first time in a few days, and as promised, I got a few photos of our dear little lamb, Wilson!
(Named after the 'Wilson' from Cast Away, with Tom Hanks... Anyone else felt heart sore at the loss of Wilson in that movie?!)

*Sniffing my tattered boot*
*He NEVER keeps still*
*Wilson eating my camera strap*

As you can see, for a two week old he certainly has a personality. Chewing things, head-butting things, clicking his heels in the air as he runs around.
We created a pen for him on the front lawn. The fencing for said pen is created entirely by bread crates cable tied together. (No one would guess we are in the baking industry.) In side of which is a tiny shed where we lock him at night so as not to get cold. (It is his third night outside tonight)

As I mentioned briefly before Wilson's mother was found in a bad way before he was born. This has lead to Wilson forever bleating. Mam said just this morning that he doesn't seem happy, crying all the time. However he will never his mama, this makes me a little sad. I know it is a fact of life, don't get me wrong... But watching him cry for a mother is heart wrenching.

Despite all of this, he eats like a grown horse, gets fatter by the day, and stronger with every bounce. He's going to be a handful in his adolescence... Watch this space.


09 August 2011

It Comes Down to the Pie

Good morning friends!

I have struggled for a long time in finding a way to write on here, so it does  not turn into a journal entry of me ranting to myself. I've wanted to tell you of things close to my heart, yet some times in doing so the meaning gets caught up in words undecipherable.

I run a business with my Mam and Sister. We hand make pies from flour to to puff, marinate to filling.
Although our shop doors are only open from Fri-Sun, our job there is never done. If you will bear with me, I want to share with you the joys and sorrows of running a pie shop in a small country town.

Owning a business is not always butterflies and roses. In fact there are more things pulling you down on a daily basis than helping you along.
We have found this out once again these past two weekends, with a police man walking into the shop and informing us that all of our signs along the highway needed to be removed effective immediately or there will be fines incurred. This began a week of door knocking, every block of land along the highway for a 7-10k radios for somewhere to build a sign. (One lady admitted to being relieved we weren't Mormons come to convert her)
The end of our day saw us with a few yes's, some maybe's and some silent nothings. 
Our work now is in designing, making and erecting asap.

It was not all work in going from farm to farm. Upon a revisit to a 'yes' farm, my parents came home with a lamb. Born only minutes before they had arrived.
His mother had been found in a bad way, and 'Wilson' was an orphan before even seeing the world. For a five day old baby he is growing up so fast! Head butting, running like a pro, and gosh does he know how to eat! We love him! (Photo shoot with him today! I promise pics of cuteness tomorrow!)

This is our lives, maybe not the 'perfect' mix of work and pleasure, but certainly an adventure.


07 August 2011

Silently Reflecting

Hello friends,

I have not known what to write to you. Every day has brought with it a new challenge, to the point of my heart being overwhelmed with good exciting things as well as the not so good and exciting things.

Sometimes in continually walking through daily steps, one forgets that maybe that is what others need to hear about to know that when life is the same thing day after day it is not in loneliness they continue on.
How many times have I read all the wonderful exciting things people are doing, and wonder 'when will it be my turn to start 'living'? But I am here! Life is happening, wonderful and a new adventure every minute I have a breath in it. And sorrowful thoughts on my 'boring' days shall not get the better of my heart!

So if like me, your days turn into weeks, of things unchanging. Of overwhelming decisions... Know this, we are all here, learning and falling, moving and staying, making good and bad decisions in this experiment of life. It'll all come out in the wash...

Gosh, I'm starting to sound like one of those 'self-help' books.

I want to share what is my truth with the world. That is why I write. Up until now I have only been sharing one side; so in not telling the whole truth, is the half-truth a lie?

Light hearted (exciting things) to share with you tomorrow. However for today, I reflect on the grey skies.


09 July 2011

Relax, Just do it!

Everyone is talking about the fast past times we live in, and although I am an old soul at heart and love the simple things in life, I often fall prey to stress and worry. Sleepless hours laying in the dark are testament in their own right to my over active brain, (and imagination).
Something I may not have been able to portray through my writing patten is how excitable I can be in person. Growing up I was constantly being told by my parents to 'calm down Sarah', or to 'lower the volume'; you see, when I get lost in my excitement I loose all consciousness of the pitch/volume I am talking in.

So this brings me to the point of where I'm going with all of this... Relaxing.

Being in my family has meant my siblings and I were raised always aware that one must work for their 'keep'. And now, being older and my family having the two different businesses.(Here and Here)
'Free' time is short, 'Job/To-Do lists' are long.
After a long day, be it at the shop or running errands, doing any number of odd job both for business and personal gain. I find it hard to slow things down and take it easy. Even if it is just my brain going hell for leather bouncing ideas back and forth.
It is as though the ancient art of relaxing has passed on by me, and I don't know what to do with it. Or how to go about it.
My brain interprets it as relax = nothing.
My question, which is getting lost in all these words is this: What do you do to unwind at the end of  your day? And how do you like to spend your evenings?

I need a chill pill!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

07 July 2011

Knickers = Piranhas

I would like to address a topic which may be taboo, not to be discussed outside of ones own home. However here goes.

I've come to a great discovery that knickers, after coming in contact with the floor, become piranhas. NOTHING IS SAFE! Within seconds of their decent they will claim any small item within their reach. Clustering to a pair of shoes, tripping up your feet, eating socks for breakfast. It is as though they are the only item that ever falls out of the laundry basket, then they quickly hide in a dark corner waiting to attack the next poor soul to walk past. In our family we have a term for dodging these spoiled undergarments, "Tip-toe through the Tulips". Its like our code warning of an unseen (or sometimes seen) landmine.

Unfortunately knickers have had quite a run over the years. Causing unwanted attention.

A classic story told in our family is the day a 'piranha' attempted to eat Collin. Growing up my siblings and I were home schooled, we had a room in the house dedicated as our schoolroom. (In said room we kept the computer.) The wall along which the computer was set up had a half meter gap below the ceiling height to allow light to reach into the next room.
Fed up, and fooling around when folding the washing in the other room we had decided to see if we could 'shoot' a pair of knickers over the wall. This fun lasted a little while, then the fooling around would have lead to other distractions to keep our minds off folding.
That very afternoon Collin, our nervy NERDY computer repair guy had traveled out to fix the Windows 95 that wasn't working. Staring him in the face, 'sunny side up', was a pair of 'piranhas'. It had landed perfectly upon the keyboard... Mam rushed in front of him to stop the attack. The shame!

Another occasion upon which a 'piranha' has done the stealth, public embarrassment attach...
I would have been 13. My Sis had hung the laundry out, and as often is the case a pair of knickers got caught up with the bigger items. They fell on the ground under the cloths line, and it was there they waited for the ambush upon my pride. Later that day, a friend of my Bro's had come around, we moved to the back yard in our games. My puppy was parading around flying my knickers from her mouth like a flag. OH THE SHAME. I could have died!

So tell me, how is it that the simple knicker can be the cause of such embarrassment, when really we all have a pair waiting to lunge from under the bed and attach its self to your ankles...!

Do these things happen to you? Do your knickers turn into dangerous ankle-biting, tulip planted, object eating piranhas?!

Keep safe, you never know whats on the floor waiting to bite.

02 July 2011

Comings and Goings

My blog is becoming a month to month catch up post... This is not right, things are going to change around here!

This week we had to say goodbye to a loved kitty cat, 'Kath' our mother cat has gone to Kitty Heaven. She now lays next to other loved family (pet) members. I had taken her to the vet worried about a lump on her side, it was a hernia, which when the vet had opened her up to fix found it to be more complicated then he had first believed it to be. The vet called me, I knew that could not be a good thing. After explaining all this to me, and telling me that her value of life would be terribly compromised... He waited, needing an answer of what to do. I told him I'd call him back in a minute. Truth was, I couldn't do it, I could not give him the answer I knew to be best for Kath. My dad made the call for me. Its never easy letting go of these tiny creatures that weave there way around our hearts.
~RIP Katherine~

On a lighter note... I FINALLY finished my quilt! So I've been putting it off for a ridiculously long time... I blogged about it here, Gosh even that was a long time ago. Pictures to come soon.

A fortnight ago I won a flying lesson. The competition was hosted by a local radio station, (my Boo had entered my name) being 'picked' to partake in the challenge, the rules were simple. Step one: Make a paper plane. Step two: throw said paper plane the furthest. Mine did go the furthest against all odds, and thus I won.

I'm not sure if you've ever read my '100 things', but being a pilot has been a dream of mine for a long time. I do not know when, what or why I came upon this idea in my head that I wanted to fly a plane, yet it was there all the same. Even though I had never been off the ground before February of this year. Dreams do not always need to make sense or fit into logical thinking, they sometimes just ARE. This is my beliefs on the topic.

Also in my absence from the interwebs my Sis bought me an e-reader. This thing is pretty neat. Although it will never stop me from buying books, (I love the smell and feel of them too much), I am loving that it keeps you organised with what you are reading, were you are at, and a really 'easy to find' way of keeping stories together. Opposed to how I pack my bookcase, same author together, yet beyond that no one else understands why Neil Gaiman goes between Oscar Wilde and Nan Witcomb.
How do you organise your books?!

Read on Bookworms

07 June 2011

Adventures and Happenings: May Edition

#The photography class I've been taking is coming to an end, one last remaining class and a final collection of printed work to collect. Last week my work was included in an exhibition. It was the first time I've had my art exhibited, I'm determined for it to be the first of many.
 As part of a assignment we were to direct a portrait shoot. My models were wonderful, and excellent posers... I give you my adorable grandparents!


#Sam (My Brother) turned 21 this month. It does not seem too long ago I remember playing commandos with him in the backyard. Pirates upon the good ship 'bunk-bed' we shared in a room together. Or the time he got a Toy Story t-shirt for his birthday; he wouldn't take it off! We were children then, life was simple.

#We stole away to Ironfest this year. (Oh happy days!) Within mere minutes of arrival my inner fan-girl was thrilled at the scene of Captain Jack Sparrow taking on a Darlek. That's double fun right there! Captain Jack stayed long enough to pose for pictures before turning tail to run.
There was the jousting as promised every year, which I always take delight in watching and cheering.
Em and I spent over an hour learning how to make chain mail; my hours worth of work is smaller than a postcard. (so if your ever going into battle and need a good chain mail suit... Ask someone else to make one for you! Smiles!)
Simply put there are too many amazing things that happen at Ironfest to fit into a catch up post.

#Winter has arrived, this my fingers and cheeks have been suggesting to me for a few weeks now. Trees stand nakedly stark against gray skies, their leave like dropped robes lay on the ground. I love this season, the fog and crunch of frost beneath my feet in the mornings. Having fires lit, the smell of burning wood through the house. Cuddling under blankies to watch a movie at night.

#I've started reading Neil Gaimans "Smoke and Mirrors". I cant believe I  forgot how wonderful his stories are. Even his shortest tale has me captivated. My need to remember Gaiman's style was brought on after watching the episode of Doctor Who he wrote. (Two great things in one)

#Frustration has been caused with our Internet connection being down for the better part of a month. It doesn't take long to find this annoying. I have missed reading your blogs, (not on the tiny screen of my phone). Looking forward to catching up with the blogland goss! Smiles

Hoping you have all had a wonderful May.
Happy Adventures,

P.S  Had to share this photo from Ironfest... Knight school!

10 May 2011

Party time

Golly gosh it's been a big week.

Thursday was my Boo's 21st  birthday.

We gathered for lunch break, ate pies (who would have guessed?!), and gave gifts. This year I wanted to get him a watch, however as he's never picked one out before I wanted him to choose it. Since I didn't have anything for him to unwrap, I cut out different pictures of watches, glued them to cards, named them and on the back of the cards wrote something about each different one. (The names and descriptions varied from 'Pimp Daddy' to 'Old Man', I believe Bruce Willis even got a mention.)

~Side note~
This brings me to a question, is it just me, or are most guys rather hard to pick gifts for?!

I made a choc mud cake, layered with blackberry jam and gnash topping. Super sugar kick!

Friday night Boo's family drove over (they live 2 hours away), we participated in a game of ten-pin bowling. (I am TERRIBLE at bowling, I swear next time I may get the bumpers put up, much to the embarrassment of Boo who along with every member of his family is great at it.)

It's been a busy few weeks at the Shop, Easter and Anzac Day, our town hosting its annual Pumpkin Festival, and Mother's Day. Posts about these on the Daily Pie Blog! Go have a look-see!

Party on blogger friends.

08 May 2011

In So Many Ways

Every minute I spend with You is special.
 (especially the stolen moments)

In so many ways I am my mothers daughter,
my 'freak' twin.
In so many ways you have shown me,
how to be.
In so many ways I am blessed to have YOU,
for MY Mam.
In so many ways you have helped me to make sense,
of my problems.
In so many ways I hope I can be like you,
when I grow up.

I love you!
Every day.
Kiss kiss

03 May 2011

Challenge Accepted!

The lovely Lina challenged me to complete this here questions and answers. I hereby accept....

#1. What did you do ten years ago?
 Twelve year old Sarah, created things, read many books, dreamed of adventures, filled countless pages with words, acted way too old!

#2. What did you do one year ago?
A year ago we had not long opened our pie shop. I wondered what it would be a year from then.

#3. Five snacks that you like?
Doritos and salsa, CHEESE!, olives, nuts, chocolate.

#4. Five songs which you know the whole lyrics to?
'The Killers - Mr Brightside' (been one of my favourite songs for years!)
'Harry Connick Jr- Booker', (I couldn't find a link for this one.)
'ELO- Mr Blue Sky',
'Imogen Heap- Just for now',
'Cat Empire - Chariot'.  All wonderful songs!

#5. Five things you would do if you were a millionaire?
Open a old age home that was less hospital like and more HOME.
Fill my family's every need.
Visit places I have only dreamed about.
Become a 'secret millionaire'.
Buy a grand piano.

#6. Five bad habits?
Never finishing quilts I start.
Bossing people around... Sorry!
Not taking washing to the laundry.
Writing 'to do' list that are so long they never had a chance at being completed.

#7. Five things you like to do?
Take photographs,
write words,
listen to music really loud,
learn new things.

#8. Five things you would never dress in or buy?
HUGE fly Sunny's,
 mini skirts,
leather pants. Laughs!

#9. Five favourite toys?
Pens and paper,
my Cannon,
the Tardis (my car),
Daisy (my childhood bunny-bear).

#10. Five people I'd like to see taking this quiz?
Katia Melissa Emily You!

I now set the challenge to YOU, yes you! Have fun....

28 April 2011

Chefy's Rules: One

I wanted to share with you some creations I have had in the kitchen of late. 'Chefy' (who I shall be talking about a lot from now on) has been teaching me to make these beautiful eats.

Hot cross buns just in time for Easter. These were perfectly light and fluffy inside. Coated with a divine spiced syrup.

Prior to delights with buns, my long ago wish to one day make a wellington was granted with one that turned out as delicious as ever I could have dreamed!

As I enjoy my lessons with Chefy, I will be aiming to share our creations, and one of Chefy's rules each post here with you. Cause Chefy knows best!

Rule One: Lets keep it simple... NEVER cook in a cold pan.

Have a lovely week food lovers,

22 April 2011

He Died For Me

"I saw one hanging on a tree,
in agony and blood;
He fixed His languid eyes on me,
as near His cross I stood.
Sure, never till my latest breath,
can I forget that look;
It seemed to charge me with His death,
tho' not a word he spoke.
My conscience felt and owned the guilt,
and plunged me in despair;
I saw my sins His blood had spilt
and helped to nail Him there.
Alas! I knew not what I did -
but now my tears are vain;
Where shall my trembling soul be hid?
For I the Lord have slain.
A second look He gave which said,
"I freely all forgive;
This blood is for they ransom paid,
I die that thou may'st live."

Oh can it be upon a tree the Savior died for me?
My soul is thrilled, my heart is filled,
to think He died for me!
-Edwin Excell-

A day to reflect on a sacrifice made that changed this world and the next for all eternity.
Growing up, knowing why we celebrate what was the saddest day the world will ever see, there have been times when I can hardly conceive of this love and mercy God extends to me.

Today Christ was crucified for my sins,
Today Christ lifted my burden,
Today Christ took my place,
Today Christ paid it all.

I will never be worthy of this gift, however I will be eternally grateful.


04 April 2011

Come Fly With Me

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE surprises?!

My Boo gave me instructions to meet him early (before sparrow's fart early) for something special he had planned for us. My family all knew of what this adventure entailed, I was left totally in the dark except for orders to bring my camera and not to be late.

Cam told me only minutes before walking into the hotel where we were to meet with the pilots who would be taking us in a balloon carried basket. Excitement levels were too high for that hour.

I felt like I was in a scene from the Wizard of Oz, where the wizard floats off alone at the end.

My love for the sky and being up above the ground is ever growing. It is were I feel much closer to Heaven. Not because it is higher, rather because it is peaceful and somehow makes me forget of the ugly ways of man.

Never has my camera shot that many photos in such a short time, so I hope you won't mind me sharing a few here with you. (I'm still on cloud 99)

Fly high dear Dorothy's, you never know when the next adventure will be upon you.