28 August 2008


Recently, through work, I got to go to an awards night. This was the first time I had been so I didn't really know what to expect. And just between you and I... I didn't really know how the awards were judged.
Upon arrival it was clear to see that some people took this very seriously, a man caught us on our way through the door, his video camera in hand, asking us questions about the evening. None of which I could really answer, because I simply didn't know. So I stood there like a dumb mute, luckily saved by Janine our head chef.
Every man had on his tux, and there were lovely dresses, (and shoes!!) worn by there female companions.
We had what I think was the best table of the evening, right at the front, just near the dance floor.
The food they served was nothing short of wonderful. And I rather enjoyed being the person sitting at the table, instead of standing ready to answer any beckoning catching of the eye from the people in the seats.
The icing on the cake was the announcement of our cafe winning in its division. Getting to have that extra plate placed in the center of the table telling us that we had done a good job.
It really made me believe that we had done what was ours to do, have a good service that people went away being happy for...

Taken on the night: Me, Janine, and Sarah

24 August 2008

My Brush With Fame...

How many celebrities does anyone ever really get to meet?
And I don't mean when you have purposely gone to a show, or put your self in a place as to 'bump' into these people.

Today at work a celeb came walking through the doors...
None other than Brian Brown.

22 August 2008

They Call It Fever

Oh Girls, gather round! I have found that perfect RED nail polish!!
I'm sure that a lot of girls the world over will understand what I mean...
You might find a nice cherry or a rich orange perhaps even a dark pink that the cosmetic companies will try and sell to you as red. But we all know better.
At long last I have found RED!!! Now all that's left is for me to paint the town.