16 July 2013

Dear July

Dear July,

You have taught me some valuable life lessons;

-That sometimes its more important to put enegy into feeding people, 
and less in to stressing to keep the house clean.

-Not to sweat the small stuff, (washing currently in the rain, I'll deal with you later!)

-That drinking tea, and chats with family is so worth running by the seat of my pants to get to work on time.

I know that totally letting myself off the hook is NOT the lesson here,
But today, 
I enjoyed watching the rain land in puddles,
and drawing hearts in fogged up windows.

Have a lovely Tuesday,

14 July 2013

Mr & Mrs: Bouquet

There are moments in your life that you imagine how you might feel when they happen to you. As many girls before me, one such moment was getting to throw the bouquet at my wedding.
Nothing prepared me for seeing it land in my sisters hands!

Enjoy your week,

04 July 2013


 I want to be with you always, 
just as you are. 
I choose you above all others to share my life with me in marriage. 
I love you for yourself and I want you to become all that you can be. 
I promise to honour this pledge,
till all the stars burn away.

 I'm really excited to share all the details with you, 
I'll keep them to bite size pieces.

(Mrs) Sarah-Mechelle