27 August 2009

27th August: The Ceiling of Pandora

There are things one learns about old buildings.... Nothing will be as easy as it first seems it might be.

Along the process of fixing up our old servo, which will soon house the long awaited "The Daily Pie", there has been no end of things that need more work than we had thought from our first assessment of the job.

This rings true of the ceiling which will soon be the ceiling above the cafe/gallery area. What was going to be one day spent on step-ladders with mops and rags sugar soaping... Has turned into 5 days worth of up a ladder grinding off paint that was under prepped when applied 20 odd years ago.
The other thing about old buildings is lead paint; and the fact that having lead paint means a mask must be warn throughout the tedious job of removing it. (Lets face it, no body can breath properly with those darn things on.)

Each day I have been walking home for lunch looking much like the ghosts of stories passed. White (red) eyed and teeth, all that remain un-dusted.

What started out as a few flaky bits of paint, actually ended up being everyone of the gall strips holding up each ceiling panel. The more you look the more there is to be found. Its a scary place to be, in that... Yes it needs to be done right, though we also need to free up other jobs by finishing it.

It is here I will mention, there are other things you learn when doing up old places... The tricks of the trades. Here follows a new segment I will have to consider keeping as a regular feature on this blog.... "product 'shout-outs' that save hours worth of work."

The Josco Brumby Strip-it Disk! This humbly named disk beats any sanding tool of choice when it comes to removing layers of old paint from anything, wood, steel, aluminium, fiberglass, cement. You name it, and I'm sure it could do it. It can take a few tries to get it right and not 'dig' in, but if it is kept flat, and you avoid beveling the edges, it can remove a tremendous amount of unwanted pile-up.

(Please note, I have not been paid to mention the fabulous results that can be achieved by said disks. Truly they have been my sanity in paint-removal solutions.)

25 August 2009

25th August: Reading material!

During the past few busy weeks I have been storing up reading materials.

It is exciting getting to start turning a few pages again, as I have been in a limbo state with my last book for a good month or so now.

I was thrilled to have picked up a full collection of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Their simple structures and directness of story telling has made it a simple pleasure to read them.

Sadly I have also been stowing away copies of that wonderful paper my grandpa picks up for me. I have done a quick scout through each, but they wait now for me to find the twenty hours required to read, cut and paste within my book of inspiration.
What would the world be without the written word!

24 August 2009

24th August: All there is to do is Smile

I have been sadly neglecting this space of mine. Despite the bus-y-ness, and excitement of all that is going on I have missed coming here to share it.

So without farther ado, here are some things that made me smile:

# Early morning rush to finish music theory for-
# Early morning music lessons
# New shoes which make you want to go dancing
# Spending the day with a dear friend
# Coffee!
# Talking with said friend non-stop for hours
# A lunch of Italian proportions, focaccia and spaghetti
# Being greeted by complete strangers in the street
# Going through racks of gorgeous dresses
# Chocolate cupcakes with thick white icing
# NOT finding a parking ticket upon our late return to the car
# Borrowed books
# More importantly borrowed whole 4th season of Doctor Who! (thankyou thankyou!)
# Drives home with the windows down and music up
# Excited puppies upon arrival home
# Conversations with a special boy
# Hot baths and pajamas
# Watching the first episode of season 4 Dr Who!

Truly there is much to smile about.

07 August 2009

7th August: Life is good

Hello hello!

Life is good... Extremely busy, and new... Far too exciting. I seriously have no doubt that if my heart wasn't caged in it would be flying in the Heavens by now.

All minds and hands have been on the enormous job of getting the shop ready to open. This includes any number of tasks from gardening, to plumbing, leveling cement floors, fitting new ceiling and wall panels, cleaning the mess created from these jobs... We could never claim that life has been boring, when each day you head out to face a task you may have never done before, but today you will find a way to figure it out.

Since taking on this building with the great plans to opening a Pieshop/metal gallery, I have learnt so much. Firstly that nothing is impossible. Though it has also taught me a lot about my family as well as myself.

As I'm sure many people find when taking on such a project, it brings out the very best and worst of us all. Tiredness, frustration, and sometimes genuine discouragement toward the whole job brings with it a gloomy mood, which spreads like wild-fire. Though as my Mam points out... So long as one of us is fresh, and in higher spirits, to make the fire when everyone is cold and tired from working... Or spend the time to make a hot meal.
More than any test of skill or work ethic, this project has brought with it the test of patience toward each other.

We have spent countless hours of working together, and overcoming obstacles together... We cannot wait to open it together!