16 August 2011


The sun was out for the first time in a few days, and as promised, I got a few photos of our dear little lamb, Wilson!
(Named after the 'Wilson' from Cast Away, with Tom Hanks... Anyone else felt heart sore at the loss of Wilson in that movie?!)

*Sniffing my tattered boot*
*He NEVER keeps still*
*Wilson eating my camera strap*

As you can see, for a two week old he certainly has a personality. Chewing things, head-butting things, clicking his heels in the air as he runs around.
We created a pen for him on the front lawn. The fencing for said pen is created entirely by bread crates cable tied together. (No one would guess we are in the baking industry.) In side of which is a tiny shed where we lock him at night so as not to get cold. (It is his third night outside tonight)

As I mentioned briefly before Wilson's mother was found in a bad way before he was born. This has lead to Wilson forever bleating. Mam said just this morning that he doesn't seem happy, crying all the time. However he will never his mama, this makes me a little sad. I know it is a fact of life, don't get me wrong... But watching him cry for a mother is heart wrenching.

Despite all of this, he eats like a grown horse, gets fatter by the day, and stronger with every bounce. He's going to be a handful in his adolescence... Watch this space.



  1. wilson is so cute!!! :D
    he seems quite a character! :)

    (i am currently working in clothes store, i look after the ladieswear dept.)

  2. awwww! sooo cute. i love the fact that you have a little lamb. so awesome.

  3. yeah, Wilson will never know his mother, but he has three mothers now. Lucky lamb. Our handsome lad...xxx

  4. my family had sheep all my growing-up-years! I adore this post about your Wilson. Makes me nostalgic!