Debco Engineering

Debco Engineering P/L was started by my parents the year of my arrival to this world. Hence my siblings and I grew up with an understanding and practical knowledge (use of) tools and machinery. It was my first job, and has been the bread and butter for our family since its opening.

Currently the workforce includes all of my favourite men in the world; My Dad, Brother and Boy-friend. This doesn't limit anyone to a set only role, as these boys have been known to adorn an apron and help roll pastry and serve pies. (Just as we 'girls' have been known to pull out overalls and fire up a grinder from time to time.)

The workshop its self is located on our house block, however be not deceived, this is no garage operation. As the shed has just undergone its 3rd extension since it was moved here over 8 years ago. Each year more machinery is added, and the knowledge of operation obtained. Each year my Dad is surprising his customers (as well as us) with his God given ability to figure the workings of things out.

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"Debco Engineering Pty Ltd was established in July of 1988 in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, later relocating to Collector, New South Wales Australia. The Company primarily began as a mechanical repairs and maintenance, modifications, prototypes and quantity production business. Later, due to a great market demand, our services expanded to include the custom designed manufacture of ergonomic manual handling products. 

As a family owned and operated company, we understand the importance of building a secure business infrastructure and developing long-standing relationships with customers. Quality products and services gained from knowledge and experience has built us a solid reputation and almost all of our work comes from customer referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. Situated just off the Federal Highway on the Sydney to Canberra corridor and without the need for a shop front enables lower overheads, resulting in competitive pricing - thereby enhancing our position within the Manufacturing Industry. "