31 December 2009

At the Eve

How do you sum up a year in a few short words? How do you take all that has been, all that has passed, all that became you during these past twelve months, and write something worthy of what it has taught you, of what it has changed.

Here I stand at the ending of a used up year, a year that can now be written in the history books. I stand as though looking out to sea, looking at a whole new world approaching...

How many things can I say I've learnt this year, how many things have been done!
2009 has seen me grow up, its kept me busy beyond anything I've known,it is through its days I have shared special moments with the most wonderful people in the world.
Its seen us been given the miracle of life, with the survival of our Bobby after a snake bite, its seen us get that much closer to the dream of opening up a pie shop/gallery. It brought about my 21st birthday. Within its days I've met a boy who makes my days happy.

These are the big events, but the truth of it is this... Everyday I have been blessed with small mercies, shown such beauty in the things around me, listened to tunes that brighten the soul, found colours where seemingly there should have only been gloom... Everyday I've seen the evidence of God's love for me, and that is what my heart sings the loudest for, because that's my strength from day to day...

So to all that I have shared this past year with, thank you for being a part of my life. God bless you.

To this new year a head, although (in reality) it is just waking up in a new day, I hope to share many more precious moments, find adventures, and walk in the brightness of the colourful world with you again.