02 December 2008

2nd December: Decorations Part 1

One thing that I like to do early in December is get the Christmas decorations out of their boxes and wrappings, (out of hiding), and onto the tree and about the house. The way I see it is that we slowly collect these beautiful things, and they are only to be around for one month of the year.

It is always a bit of a job getting the boxes down from the mezzanine where they are stored for the better half of the year. Dust on top, I wonder what could have made a home inside during the past eleven months.

After unwrapping baubles, stars, little figurines, I sorted them into different piles. (While trying not to get distracted on the headlines of the News papers from years ago)

I got the tree standing, and in some form of resemblance to a tree.

I also spent a good hour fighting with Christmas ('fairy') lights and strings of coloured beads that were refusing to come untangled.

I couldn't believe how excited I was getting with each little treasure I uncovered.

'Tis the season to be jolly,
Trula lala laa la la la la!


  1. Umm, I hope that Candy Cane wasn't there since last year : )

  2. How cool is that!
    It's so exciting this time of year...

    And Karli, that candy cane you're refering to is a decoration by the looks of it.
    He,he,he : )

  3. Karli, you have caught me out...
    I have no idea how that ended up wrapped in there with everything else.

    (It was kind of sticky) LAUGHS!