08 October 2013


My little girlie is no longer a puppy, as she is now a mummy to four *so cute I could eat them up* puppies.
If only I can convince the Hubby that we need to keep them all!

#Pug Life! 

Sarah-Mechelle (and Pugs)

01 October 2013

Monday Madness: 30th September

Our lives are full of events that shape how we approach the world, how we conduct ourselves, how we make our decisions.

Welcome to our madness...

Alarm goes off for Mister to get ready for work.

Mister gets ready for work and heads off.

Check e-mail, facebook, blogs, youtube... You know, the whole circuit.

Drinking tea with Mam while she feeds Baby (My sweet niece who slept over)
Mam: Can you smell $hit?
Me: I'll have a look around.
Mam: Oh Lord, your dog has a whole dump stuck to her ass!

We take dog outside to clean her up a bit.
The Mister walks by at just the right time to offer some assistants (Love that man!) Didn't take long to figure out that dog needed more than a quick wipe, only thing we could find big enough to wash her in was the wheelbarrow.

After quite a few dry renching seshes, dog is starting to look (and smell) better.

Panicked call from the Grands, the removalist's were refusing to load any of their things because they were not in boxes. Despite the warning we had given to the Grands that this may happen, their house was a collection of random tubs and bags.

Mad dash up the road to help the removalist's pack the truck. Grands stressed, (which is not nice to see of your 80+ year old grandparents on their moving day.)

Finally send truck, now full of Grands belonging (thank you Lord!), to pick up a purchase of a couch, then to meet us at the new house.

Sis packs last minute items, and heads in with the Grands to receive the truck at new house.

Lunch with my favourite men, (Dad and Mister). Mam and I plan our next move. How to get the Grands out of the new house to give us a few quiet hours to set things up for them.

Mam and I head into town to sneak into new house, while Sis takes Grands for lunch and coffee.

We arrive to find everything dumped in one massive pile in the new lounge room. Decide its best to set up kitchen first.

Grands and Sis arrive at Regal Court, what I am dubbing their new home. Slightly overwhelmed at what still needs to be addressed. (Though relieved that making dinner would be a breeze.)

Mam goes with Grandpa to sort his room, while I help Gran with hers. Sis is recruited to set up Tv, phone, ect. (Hallelujah)

We say our goodbyes, pick up Subway for dinner and finally head home.

Vegging infront of the Tv with the Parents, munching down on my footlong Sub.

Bath and bed start calling my name!

Watching 'Big Bang Theory' season 6 with my Mister. Though there was more sleeping then watching going on.

Knock at our bedroom door...
Mister: Hey?
Sis: Is Sarah in there?
Me: Sarah is out!
Sis: Will you climb on top of my cupboard and stick a net over a tiny hole near the ceiling?
Me: WHY?
Sis: There was a bat in my room.. He's gone in the hole.


I still cant figure out in what universe my Sis thought I would EVER willing go climb up to where I know a bat is hiding to try to catch it. My Mister was intrigued. He disappears up the top of the cupboard to catch a bat. (I love that man!)

Return to bed, Zzzzzzz.

Note to self: Life is full of crazy days.

04 September 2013

I Used To...

I used to believe in fairytales; Life was simple then, and even though bad things happen in fairytales, I was so much happier believing in them.
I used to believe that what goes around comes around; I now tend more to lean toward what goes around stays there. And what comes around comes around again to kick you while you’re down.
I used to spend my days smiling and my nights crying. I don’t cry any more. Maybe I was happier when I did. Somewhere along the way I ran out of tears. Now I’m trapped, with no way to let the pain of life run down my face and leave my pillow a little damp.
I used to pick myself up when I fell; strangely I’ve been finding comfort in feeling the earth under my body and just lying there, longing to feel the pulse. 
I used to fight off the numbing feeling. Now, to be numb is all I know.
I used to dream of things wonderful and impossible. I believed that someday I would find an adventure that took up the rest of my days. That adventure was life, and it was not as colourful as I was lead to believe. Rather bleak really, setting into a monotonous schedule.
I used to be timid and gentle. Compassion for the sad souls I saw around me would drown my heart. Along my journey I became afraid. Scared of heartache and terrified of trusting anyone to get close to me. Fear of being caught vulnerable ever again. This fear and hurt mixed in my heart, and made me angry. Shocked by the growing fury I withdrew into myself. Till all the fear was gone, now I was just angry. Anger works only with one other emotion, and his name is hate. How did these two take over my life?
I used to think I was strong. But like a cancer spreading, these dark forces slowly ate away at everything I thought I was as a person. They took away my trust and beliefs. They left me as a fading shadow on the wall, there is no longer any detailing of the heart I once had. Just the outline of a girl I vaguely remember, a whisper of the beliefs I used to stand for, an echo of a lost soul.

16 July 2013

Dear July

Dear July,

You have taught me some valuable life lessons;

-That sometimes its more important to put enegy into feeding people, 
and less in to stressing to keep the house clean.

-Not to sweat the small stuff, (washing currently in the rain, I'll deal with you later!)

-That drinking tea, and chats with family is so worth running by the seat of my pants to get to work on time.

I know that totally letting myself off the hook is NOT the lesson here,
But today, 
I enjoyed watching the rain land in puddles,
and drawing hearts in fogged up windows.

Have a lovely Tuesday,

14 July 2013

Mr & Mrs: Bouquet

There are moments in your life that you imagine how you might feel when they happen to you. As many girls before me, one such moment was getting to throw the bouquet at my wedding.
Nothing prepared me for seeing it land in my sisters hands!

Enjoy your week,

04 July 2013


 I want to be with you always, 
just as you are. 
I choose you above all others to share my life with me in marriage. 
I love you for yourself and I want you to become all that you can be. 
I promise to honour this pledge,
till all the stars burn away.

 I'm really excited to share all the details with you, 
I'll keep them to bite size pieces.

(Mrs) Sarah-Mechelle

16 March 2013

Skyfire 2013

It is no secret that I love fireworks! 

I love the squeak they make as they shoot up into the sky, 
I love the bang as they explode 
and I love the array of colours they spread across the sky. 
I'm hooked!

Had a wonderful evening picnicing and sky gazing with some devine company.
Never stop looking.

14 March 2013


Spent my first full day operating this mill, which has been part of the family business for so many years. When I was little, and we would spend time at the workshop (which at that time was 40 minutes away and not part of our home block.) I would turn these handles just the smallest amount, they just ask for you to play with them. I couldn't help but feel a little like the Doctor trying to fly the Tardis by himself, as I kept forgetting which way to turn the handles with which way that would move the bed of the machine, and in turn my job. My dad is a total pro on here, he would definitely drive the Tardis single handed... He just doesn't know it yet.

I learned something new today, it was a good day.

06 February 2013

January Favourites 2013

Hello Lovelies,

A little late, but here are the things I've been loving in January.

Bioderma Sebium h2o
Loreal Nutri Shine in colours Strawberry Juice and Pretty Peach
Loreal Color Riche in Majestic Green
Versabase cream
Bronze sequin skirt from Forever New
Black studded vest by Black Friday
Celebes Organic Coconut Water
Yarra Valley Goats Cheese
The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long
5k Runner App

Hope you have had a wonderful first month of 2013!


03 February 2013

Mini Hamburgers

Mince meat is quite a staple in our family, often this results in a chili dish, spaghetti, or some other wet kind of meal. However, after having enough of the norm for us, I decided to branch out and try something new... This is what happened.

Mini Hamburgers!

What I did...

1kg minced meat
1 large onion
2 eggs
5T tomato paste
2t chili paste (or flavoring of your choice)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Start by dicing the onion really fine, I tend not to like a big hunk of onion in my burger patties, however that is me. So I would suggest chopping as fine as you like. Then combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl.
Separate into balls, (I made mine about 1/4 cup worth as I was making minis)
 Flatten to achieve burger patty goodness and fry in a preheated pan for around 10 minutes.

I finished mine off by using English muffins for the bun, some sliced tomato, red onion, lettuce and cheese. There are so many ideas you could add, maybe pineapple or beetroot?

With the remanding mix I rolled and flattened into spare burgers, put a sheet of baking paper between each, wrapped in glad wrap and froze for a later date. Perfect to pull out on those 'don't feel like being creative days'.


27 January 2013

It's Tradition....


Every Australia Day we enjoy taking a drive down to the coast... Among the many other delightful things we get up to, it has become part of the tradition to get fake tattoos.

This years line up.


21 January 2013

Book Guilt

I need to confess something. Although 2012 was filled with many wonderful moments, there is something that didn't happen, AT ALL.. I did not finish reading a single book! 
*I hang my head in shame*

Even though I didn't get around to reading any books, I still kept on buying them. And for the first time in my life I find myself faced with a terrible guilt every time I walk past my bookshelves. 

I'm hoping to shame myself into diving into the pile, as there are some great sounding adventures to be had within their pages. 

I'm not one to give myself a reading list of what order I should read these in, rather I believe in finding a book for the frame of mind I am in at that time.

Do you guys have this same problem?

These beauties are waiting for me to begin their tale:

#The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma - I have started this one, though am yet to reach the end.

#Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman - My friend nearly fell over when she learned I hadn't read this book by Neil as we both share a love for his words.

#The Well by Elizabeth Jolley

#The Surgeon of Crowthorne by Simon Winchester

#Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman

#The Leopard by Giuseppe Tomasi - An Italian novel I have long been meaning to acquaint 

#Dracula by Bram Stoker - Need I say more?

#This Thing of Darkness by Harry Thompson

#Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick - The same man brought us 'Hugo' of which both the written/drawn as well as filmed versions were a delight for the eyes.

#The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes

There are others, though because they are more recent buys (and gifts, thank you Christmas!) I guess the guilt factor isn't as strong a pull as the above mentioned.

I'd love to know if anyone else has this same problem, or maybe you have read one of these?

Time to pull out the bookmark.

08 January 2013

2012 A Year In Review

This past year has taught me to be brave, much more so than I wanted to be.
It has opened my eyes to understanding; taught me to fight my pride, and has wonderfully changed my heart toward people around me because of it.

2012 A year of ice skating dates with my mister

 2012 A year of falling ever further into a Doctor Who fan girl

2012 A year of being the 'new girl' at work

2012 A year we welcomed my first niece, (I expect many more!)

2012 A year of going blond

 2012 A year of finding oneself behind a machine centre with overalls on!

2012 A year of realising how blessed I am to have MY family.

2012 A year to start making YouTube videos

 2012 A year for feathers in your hair

2012 A year to get engaged to my Mister.

 2012 Brought with it much heart ache and fear; it had trials and trouble and never have I been victim to such doubt... However it ended with hope and faith renewed.

2013 bring it!!