26 October 2011

Wardrobe LOVE: 'Rock, Step, Kick!'

Have I mentioned, I've started swing dance lessons?!

This is what I wore to a 'frocktober' special swing social. I've always loved the clothing from the swing era, the music was 'happening' and the dancing itself is definitely one of the funnest ways to swish your skirt on the dance floor.

Despite my total lack of body coordination, I've been enjoying learning steps for the Lindy hop and Charleston.

'rock, step, trip-le-step, step, step, trip-le-step' is the new rhythm of my life.

5, 6, 7, 8...



  1. so beautiful! and what a waist! I too love 50s swing era clothes...

  2. NICE!!! i took swing dance lessons too & LOVED them! it's so much fun & a great workout. have fun with it!!

  3. I adore that dress!! Especially the red bow waist belt.

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  5. Stopping by from follower fest. LOVE the belt!

  6. love the dress

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  7. That dress is adorable! I love swingy dresses, they're perfect for twirling :)

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