28 January 2011

All the Cool Kids...

Journeyed down the coast for Australia Day. Where along with other things we decided to get tattoos...
Em (sis) a foxy number
Hayley's traditional rose
Cam (My Boo) Dragon-fire
Sam's colourful Coy
My intricate peacock.

So if you haven't guessed by now, we really are big kids. Still getting a kick out of fake tattoos.
Have a great day cool cats,

19 January 2011

Rear View

I leave the last street light behind me,
You, a silhouette in it's light.
Into the dark i continue,
Into the cold lonely night.

White-line, white line a trail beside
Me, reflectors, fox and roo.
The red lights of the car in front,
A bug now plat across my windscreen.

I do not know how far I go,
I can only hope you care...
However my heart can rest in peace,
My phone rings: "ARE YOU THERE?"

Headlights come fast toward me,
Remind me in my lonely longing for you....
                                   I am not alone.

I have an exciting project to share with you soon! Reason behind my absence here.
Have a lovely week,

13 January 2011

"Hello Darling!"

 Did you hear that?!
"Hello Darling", "How's it going?"
I'm sure it came from just outside my window....

The newest member of our family, (probably the oldest too).
My Mam surprised me just before Christmas, "I've got something special for you!" Not for one moment did I stop to consider that it was such a handsome lad she had up her sleeve.

Mam had found a advert looking for a good home for this gorgeous man.
The previous keepers only had him for two years, the people who gave him to them said he was somewhere around 50 years old. Certainly kept his looks for 50!
They had just been calling him Cocky, however with such looks as these I thought he needed something with a little more bite, thus we call him Buddy.

Terrible cute, he managed to steal my heart within a few short days.
Buddy is quite talkative, however it is his chuckles that are the most sweet to see.
He'll laugh along with you, and his whole little body shakes.

There has been a few occasions where he's used the 'F' word... Strangely enough, he mainly says this to my Dad or brother... It's all "Hello's" then suddenly there will be a "F@#k-off" in the middle.

Hello's all round, from me to you.

04 January 2011

"She was"

(And) This is how you shall hear of me,
"She was;
She who can no longer be."

It was not Death's cruel grip that took her,
But Life's burning flame lost.

Seeking mercy from the tempest of a storm,
Both prisoner and pray to is mighty anger,
The roar ended at her whisper.

Great are they of noble heart,
honoured greater than noble birth.
Wherein blood and bone do pass,
The spirit of a noble heart always remains.

She who in Death's absence


01 January 2011

Shall We Share Our Findings?

Happy New Year of our Lord, 2011.

A year to find:
Adventures in all things we do,
Words of inspiration
Loved ones to share our hearts with
Beauty all around
Lessons of the unknown
Hopes we thought were lost
Strengths we never knew we had
Joy abounding
and Understanding through compassion.

Shall we share our findings?