18 October 2008

To Do 2008

It is always at this time of year I like to assess what I have achieved through out the year. See if I have made my way through any of the things I had hoped to do. Because if not, there is time to hurry and get some of those things done, before writing out a new list for the new year. How disappointing it is when you have to copy many things that you had down to finish the year past.

Things I hope to do/finish this year...

# Sit and pass piano exam
# Finish curtains for my room
# Read the books I am halfway through
# Complete a 50,000 word novel
# Get my Christmas shopping done early
# Paint and hang bookshelf above my desk
# Finish and record my song
# Research suppliers, sort business plan
# turn 20... (If all else fails, at least there is very little chance of me not completing that one!!)

14 October 2008

Tuesday Already...

I had planned to tell you about my first weekend with no job... (Didn't plan on time moving so fast on me though.)

Saturday was spent reading through a good book, eating icy-poles, getting some much needed piano practise in, and just enjoying the sun!

Sunday turned out to be a tad more productive. At 8am I received a call from work, "can you put a few hours in over lunch someone has called in sick". I was a little surprised by this as I had only just left last week.

The morning was filled with more piano practise, my teacher does not think I could do enough at this point as my exam is in 8 weeks.

Lunch service turned out to be a bit of a fizza, so I was only there for two hours.

I took the dogs for a walk after finishing my shortest shift ever. How excited they get as they watch you grab the leads off the hook through the glass slide door. Upon opening that door you must brace your legs as the two of them race their way under you, trying to beat each other to the front door before you might change your mind about the walk altogether.

Later in the afternoon, we had agreed upon a workplace horse ride. So armed with a video camera, I enjoyed being walked around on the back of a horse. (Walking only because the horse refused to go any faster for me.)

It was a wonderful couple of days, I can't believe what I've been missing out on!!

In other news, I am very excited to announce that I will be taking part in the NaNoWriMo challenge this year!! I have no idea as to plot/storyline as of yet. Though I will post my ideas up here when I've got a bit more direction.
All I can say now is bring on November!!!

10 October 2008

I'm A Lucky Girl!!!

I have just arrived home from a bit of a farewell afternoon tea with my old work colleagues. The boss man had been away for my last shift, so it was postponed until today.
I realised that I will miss working there. It has been a very long three years, and I have learnt many things, and grown up during my time there.
I have had the pleasure of working with some nice people that I can now call friends.
For a parting gesture they gave me The Silver Spoon, signed by all. (I wanted to jump up and down over the perfect choice of gift, I had wished to one day buy that book!!!)
My boss was telling me the story behind this particular book, how in Italy this book has been given to many a bride, and Silver Spoon is the English translation of that traditional book.(Il cucchiaio d'argento)

"It sometimes seems that Italians learn to cook before they learn to talk and their skills are handed down from one generation to the next. The perfection of Italian cookery has been achieved through centuries of testing in family kitchens, with millions of dishes served to the most discerning of critics. The Silver Spoon is the result of a labour of love, with only the very best recipes from Italian families and cooks within its covers." ~SS

09 October 2008


I had almost counted my hair as a lost cause. It had become very dry and brittle on the ends, nothing more than a fizz I would try to pin up out of sight. I was quite disappointed as I had hopes of growing it long for a while, but what point would there be in long, limp, drab hair. So I headed for the hairdresser today with almost acceptance that most of it would be left behind on the floor.
All I can say is I love my hairdresser! Matt, you have made me a very happy girl. I left with a lot of my hair still attached to my head, all fizz smoothed, and even a hint of bounce!
I know what your thinking, and yes... We will talk again tomorrow when it is my turn to get it right.

08 October 2008

A Week's Worth of Update..

I have finished up at my old job. Monday was my last day. It is both exciting and scary leaving to start something of my own. The realisation of how much needs to be learnt, researched, and done has hit me much like a bus at full speed. I had been telling myself that I would be able to get so much more done when I didn't have to worry about having a second job, though now I can see how everything has just piled up out of control on me. I have a mountain to face over the next couple of months, and I just pray it wont collapse on top of me!

I was very excited as I completed my first welding job. I had to weld little tapped 'nuts' in RHS legs for benches that will have adjustable feet.

(In the words of my brother... Ain't it a sexy weld?!!!)

I remember as a kid I would get really worried that there would be somethings that I would just never be able to do; things like be able to swallow a tablet, (I had great difficulty at this task well up to the age of 12), I even had visions of being old and having to have liquid panadol. Another thing was being able to drive a car, not that I found it hard to learn when I was old enough, I just never was able to picture me driving. And my last thing was being able to weld!! I only realised the other day that I have passed those things I was so afraid of not being able to do.
I am trying to keep that in my mind as many things at the moment seem unreachable, and very overwhelming.

We have had drives into town, where you are allowed to act a little crazy!!

I will finish this very week's worth of update with my creation of the day...


(Steak and Kidney)