10 January 2010

10th January: Moments like these!

Number four:

This needs no explination, but to say, in 2010 I want to have a thousand more moments like these!

09 January 2010

9th January: Sow, a needle pulling thread

Do creative people always finish what they start? As a little girl I always had big ideas of things I wanted to make, or try. I loved drawing (not particularly good, mind) things that I would turn into actual objects.

This year ahead is the year of reckoning. Of freeing myself of the weight of unfinished projects, half done nothings that have burdened my creative juices with the guilt of knowing I shouldn't start something new, until the something unfinished is complete.

So here it is, NUMBER THREE!

Every month to complete something creative, weather it be a new project or an old haunt.

My fingers came out unscaved after spending hours today ironing and pinning. This particular quilt I started at somewhere between my tenth and twelfth year... (YES, I know, I KNOW!) with all the squares cut entirely from dresses I wore as a girl-child.

I can hardly wait to show you it finished at the end of the month... Wish me luck here people!

My love to you,

08 January 2010

8th January: Resolution two

Number Two!

In 2010, I hope to read 50 books or more. Although I have set a number to this, it is not so much the number that I am concerned about. Rather the actuality of making my way down (and reading up) a whole chunk of books I have had on the list "TO READ".

(Number two.five)

This comes hand in hand with the resolve to find new accommodation for some old loves, as well as some new I hope to find throughout the days that follow. I'm sure I will find some lost loves hidden within, if they were given a little more room to breath.

I heard someone say once, (forgive me I do not remember whom) "if you have more shelf space then you have books, you are doing something wrong."
According to said advice, I think I'm on a good path...


07 January 2010

7th January: Resolution - one

I have decided that this month I will share with you each day (from today) a new years resolution for this 'the year of our Lord 2010'.

Number one:

Comes after a phone call at work from my uncle, who after booking a table, and telling me about his Christmas and life, hesitates before saying "had a rough day yesterday." This was slowly followed by him telling me how he had had to put to sleep his 'baby girl' Polly the English sheepdog. "It happens so quickly, she was in my arms, then she was gone."

I'm sure I need not have to mention how close to tears I came, with the scare of nearly loosing our own Bobby recently.

So that is it, 2010 I want to be able to be strong for the ones I love. To comfort in any small way, to find compassion and a level of understanding even if there is nothing else I can do or be for them.

Because I can't move the mountains for you, but I will climb them with you!


p.s Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post, always encouraging!
Its good to be back!