30 January 2012

The Fault In Our Stars

It is not very often that I would find it within to be bothered to write a book review. I long ago realised that many of the books I hold dear do not fit into other's hearts quite so well as they have mine.

The moment I heard John Green had finished a new book, I could not help myself... I was soon in the bookstore placing my pre-order.
"The Fault In Our Stars", if you ever listen to me and read one book, let it be this one. 
Before reaching the end of the third page I had frightened myself by laughing loudly in my otherwise quite room. This book is raw, yet brilliantly held together with John's wit. By the close of its covers upon reaching the end, I had laughed many more times, allowed a tear to make its way to my chin and marveled in the adventure.

In the words of John himself...
DFTBA (Don't Forget To Be Awesome)

29 January 2012

Sunday Morning

Taking time on this beautiful morning to notice things I pass daily...

My kitty laying on the Union Jack mat that sits below our front door (after I banished her from zig-zagging between my pen and paper)

Australian breakfast tea enjoyed hot, strong enough to stand up for itself and in my favourite mug.

Rouge leaves from the rose above my head drop to land in my hair, the ones under my feet crunch.

Watching the fascinating lives of insects; fascinating so long as they stay out of my mane.

Our newly hung Country's flag so crisp in its whipping. Flying the colours I love for this Country I have been  blessed to call my own.

Painting my nails in my favourite shade of red. (They call it FEVER)

Making mental lists of things I must fill my day with... My eyes taking note of jobs around me.
#Rake leaves
#Pin back roses that have a mind of their own
#Pull weeds from garden beds and those that grow in pavement cracks.

My cat now returns from banishment of the Union.
The bottom of my mug is seen.

18 January 2012

To Every End... A New Beginning

I had so many things I was going to share with you during January. Yet the honest truth is I have been over layed with new, exciting, scary possibilities; yet also going through a sense of lose and heartache. As for new things to start, old things must end.

By end, I am referring to our Pie shop, which after much consideration (and doubt) we have decided to close. To suddenly come to the end of running a cafe, which has ruled my days and decisions for the past 2 years, is like finding oneself without a routine. Be it busy as it was, to suddenly have nothing there, nothing to think to order, or chase. Nothing to prepare... It has been a very emotional couple of weeks. 

In order of starting new things, I have decided to study Veterinary Nursing. (Huge change I know!) I have always known that I would study something 'one day', life moved everything on a whole lot faster than I was expecting is all.

Having The Daily Pie was the best thing that ever could have happened in my young life. How many get the opportunity as I did at my age. If I have learnt nothing else but to cherish what we have been given. I have been truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with my Mother and Sister; To be taught by a master Chef, who showed more patients with us 'shit cooks' than we deserved; To have people come back time and again for our pies. I would not have missed this chance for any amount of money or free time I could have gained.

New things will be happening here, as I fill up my suddenly empty schedule. Bring on 2012, it always did promise to be a year of change!

There is a post on The Daily Pie blog if you'd like to read more...

 I shall always dream in golden crust and tender fillings!

10 January 2012

52 Pictures: ONE

This year I am determined to take more photos and gain a better understanding of my camera. 
52 Pictures will be my favourite photo of the week, shared with you.

Hoping that the new year is off to a good start in your lives,

01 January 2012

A New Book

Ever since I was quite young I have had a need to scribble words over empty pages, as I got older this need hasn't lessened. 
(Though time to do so is not quite as vast)
I can hardly wait to fill this new book with adventures and thoughts of 2012.

It is no secret that I am a notebook junky. I only have one rule, they must only be filled with things that meant something to me. If that means occasionally drawing, or gluing or quoting than so be it.
Do you have rules to writing a journal?

I lift my pen for a happy 2012 to you!