17 August 2011

Forgotten Words

Sorting through old files, I found these words from a Nanowrimo procrastination bout. I love coming across words I forgot I wrote. Like some how words will keep my memories safe for me in times when I don't remember.

"So this is 'A', a friend of two years. She writes and beyond all else is a good human being. Even if that means she is a little crazy at times.  'A' manages to have really heated arguments with my dad and brother, which end mostly in both parties having red faces and sore throats.
I wish it was different, as sometimes I’m sure one will at any moment dive over the table that separates the screaming pair and tackle the other to the ground. I’ve watched this fight many times in my head. It never ends well for all involved. However in my version there is always an amount of hair pulling and slapping and even more screaming than what they started with in the beginning."

*Polka dot nails for me today, its so simple and fun*


16 August 2011


The sun was out for the first time in a few days, and as promised, I got a few photos of our dear little lamb, Wilson!
(Named after the 'Wilson' from Cast Away, with Tom Hanks... Anyone else felt heart sore at the loss of Wilson in that movie?!)

*Sniffing my tattered boot*
*He NEVER keeps still*
*Wilson eating my camera strap*

As you can see, for a two week old he certainly has a personality. Chewing things, head-butting things, clicking his heels in the air as he runs around.
We created a pen for him on the front lawn. The fencing for said pen is created entirely by bread crates cable tied together. (No one would guess we are in the baking industry.) In side of which is a tiny shed where we lock him at night so as not to get cold. (It is his third night outside tonight)

As I mentioned briefly before Wilson's mother was found in a bad way before he was born. This has lead to Wilson forever bleating. Mam said just this morning that he doesn't seem happy, crying all the time. However he will never his mama, this makes me a little sad. I know it is a fact of life, don't get me wrong... But watching him cry for a mother is heart wrenching.

Despite all of this, he eats like a grown horse, gets fatter by the day, and stronger with every bounce. He's going to be a handful in his adolescence... Watch this space.


09 August 2011

It Comes Down to the Pie

Good morning friends!

I have struggled for a long time in finding a way to write on here, so it does  not turn into a journal entry of me ranting to myself. I've wanted to tell you of things close to my heart, yet some times in doing so the meaning gets caught up in words undecipherable.

I run a business with my Mam and Sister. We hand make pies from flour to to puff, marinate to filling.
Although our shop doors are only open from Fri-Sun, our job there is never done. If you will bear with me, I want to share with you the joys and sorrows of running a pie shop in a small country town.

Owning a business is not always butterflies and roses. In fact there are more things pulling you down on a daily basis than helping you along.
We have found this out once again these past two weekends, with a police man walking into the shop and informing us that all of our signs along the highway needed to be removed effective immediately or there will be fines incurred. This began a week of door knocking, every block of land along the highway for a 7-10k radios for somewhere to build a sign. (One lady admitted to being relieved we weren't Mormons come to convert her)
The end of our day saw us with a few yes's, some maybe's and some silent nothings. 
Our work now is in designing, making and erecting asap.

It was not all work in going from farm to farm. Upon a revisit to a 'yes' farm, my parents came home with a lamb. Born only minutes before they had arrived.
His mother had been found in a bad way, and 'Wilson' was an orphan before even seeing the world. For a five day old baby he is growing up so fast! Head butting, running like a pro, and gosh does he know how to eat! We love him! (Photo shoot with him today! I promise pics of cuteness tomorrow!)

This is our lives, maybe not the 'perfect' mix of work and pleasure, but certainly an adventure.


07 August 2011

Silently Reflecting

Hello friends,

I have not known what to write to you. Every day has brought with it a new challenge, to the point of my heart being overwhelmed with good exciting things as well as the not so good and exciting things.

Sometimes in continually walking through daily steps, one forgets that maybe that is what others need to hear about to know that when life is the same thing day after day it is not in loneliness they continue on.
How many times have I read all the wonderful exciting things people are doing, and wonder 'when will it be my turn to start 'living'? But I am here! Life is happening, wonderful and a new adventure every minute I have a breath in it. And sorrowful thoughts on my 'boring' days shall not get the better of my heart!

So if like me, your days turn into weeks, of things unchanging. Of overwhelming decisions... Know this, we are all here, learning and falling, moving and staying, making good and bad decisions in this experiment of life. It'll all come out in the wash...

Gosh, I'm starting to sound like one of those 'self-help' books.

I want to share what is my truth with the world. That is why I write. Up until now I have only been sharing one side; so in not telling the whole truth, is the half-truth a lie?

Light hearted (exciting things) to share with you tomorrow. However for today, I reflect on the grey skies.