02 April 2012

Sunshine and rain

 This past month has been nothing short of trying. Every day a new challenge, every day a new trial of my faith and strength.
April teases us with events beyond our control, we have only the option to wait for said events to come to pass.

Any day my brother's baby is due to meet us, and what a welcome blessing she will be to our family. My brother was the last baby in our family, and here he is being the first of us to have his own child. I'm going to be an Auntie guys!

This same week my Mam is heading in for her own operation. Though the idea of hospitals is not the most pleasant thought, we know that this will make Mam much better, and that alone out weighs any doubts.

Forgive my absence, as my days have blended into each other of late.
My love to you, through sunshine and rain.