07 June 2011

Adventures and Happenings: May Edition

#The photography class I've been taking is coming to an end, one last remaining class and a final collection of printed work to collect. Last week my work was included in an exhibition. It was the first time I've had my art exhibited, I'm determined for it to be the first of many.
 As part of a assignment we were to direct a portrait shoot. My models were wonderful, and excellent posers... I give you my adorable grandparents!


#Sam (My Brother) turned 21 this month. It does not seem too long ago I remember playing commandos with him in the backyard. Pirates upon the good ship 'bunk-bed' we shared in a room together. Or the time he got a Toy Story t-shirt for his birthday; he wouldn't take it off! We were children then, life was simple.

#We stole away to Ironfest this year. (Oh happy days!) Within mere minutes of arrival my inner fan-girl was thrilled at the scene of Captain Jack Sparrow taking on a Darlek. That's double fun right there! Captain Jack stayed long enough to pose for pictures before turning tail to run.
There was the jousting as promised every year, which I always take delight in watching and cheering.
Em and I spent over an hour learning how to make chain mail; my hours worth of work is smaller than a postcard. (so if your ever going into battle and need a good chain mail suit... Ask someone else to make one for you! Smiles!)
Simply put there are too many amazing things that happen at Ironfest to fit into a catch up post.

#Winter has arrived, this my fingers and cheeks have been suggesting to me for a few weeks now. Trees stand nakedly stark against gray skies, their leave like dropped robes lay on the ground. I love this season, the fog and crunch of frost beneath my feet in the mornings. Having fires lit, the smell of burning wood through the house. Cuddling under blankies to watch a movie at night.

#I've started reading Neil Gaimans "Smoke and Mirrors". I cant believe I  forgot how wonderful his stories are. Even his shortest tale has me captivated. My need to remember Gaiman's style was brought on after watching the episode of Doctor Who he wrote. (Two great things in one)

#Frustration has been caused with our Internet connection being down for the better part of a month. It doesn't take long to find this annoying. I have missed reading your blogs, (not on the tiny screen of my phone). Looking forward to catching up with the blogland goss! Smiles

Hoping you have all had a wonderful May.
Happy Adventures,

P.S  Had to share this photo from Ironfest... Knight school!