31 January 2009

31st January: Swimming in the Sun

An afternoon of splashing, dunking, screaming, diving, swimming, floating, bombing and general merry making in the pool.
Spending too much time in the sun, skin burnt, and hair bleached.
Isn't this what summer is all about?!

There is no relaxing, for unsuspecting victims at any time might be rolled back into the water. Thought you might have a lay on big daddy, (the floating bed), think again for at any moment you can -and will- be tipped.
And your worried about swimming in the sea?

30 January 2009

30th January: An Equal Music

I have finally finished book one for 2009. Reaching 50 could be a bigger challenge for myself then I first anticipated it might.
I absolutely love reading, if only time permitted me more chance to turn a few pages. When did the days become so short, as kids time moved so slowly. What happened?!

The book I have reached the back cover of is 'An Equal Music' by Vikram Seth. As the title might suggest it is about music; following the life of a violinist in a string quartet. His life as a musician, his love of music, and finding lost love.
It truly has caught what music can mean; the heart of one man.

"A chance sighting on a bus; a letter which should never have been read; a pianist with a secret that touches the heart of her music... An Equal Music is a book about love, about the love of a woman lost and found and lost again; it is a book about music and how the love of music can run like a passionate fugue through a life."
(copied from the back cover)

A wonderful book whether you are a musician or a romantic.

29 January 2009

29th January: LP love

Have you ever wondered if you were born in the wrong time? In some ways it might be more obvious than in others. But when it comes to my taste in music it is definitely so that I love the old.

Jazz doesn't sound right on Cd. Now maybe that sounds foolish coming from someone who does not own a record player (yet), but most of the best jazz recordings I have listened-to/bought are copied off LP anyways.
It was through a growing interest of getting into jazz on piano that I had the wonderful desire to get my own record player.
-I've decided to take these coming music exams, and then start trying jazz. (Yet my teacher says that some classical players find it hard to get that 'jazz' feel. You either have it or you don't; boy I hope I have it!)-

Back to records. I've started my own collection, sadly I have not found any jazz yet, but I'm sure I will find it.
I was so thrilled to pick up an ELO (Electric light orchestra) LP today. They are wonderful. This made the desire to get a player that much stronger.

My other records so far are 'Love Story', this song is in a locket-music box that belongs to my Mother. When I was little I loved to hold and listen to this locket, it was a special treasure, my Mam's special treasure. It was a song I insisted on learning to play for myself on piano, (I have haunted the house with that tune for the past ten years, and still now I'll play it as a warm up for my fingers!)

And lastly I've got a copy of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. He is one of my favourite composers.

So the hunt is on, for a player and jazz LP's. Let the game begin!

28 January 2009

28th January: Up a Ladder

I have acquired a new kind of balance being up a ladder for so many weeks in a row. In the beginning the ladder would have to be perfectly level, with no wobble to it or I would stiffen up with every move. Now it doesn't seem to bother my legs so much. The breeze no longer feels like it is trying to blow me over, and I've even caught myself jumping off from the third step. I feel like a cat lady.

Boy is that building a long way around!
With it being so hot during the day, we have become a bit like owls.(I'm not sure if owls is really what I mean, its the only word that will come right now though)
Up before the sparrow, painting till it warms up- that is around 12ish.
Afternoon breaks, well, catching up with all those other jobs.
Then back in the evenings to finish what had been started.

One thing I do think feels quite unreal/strange is climbing to the top of a ladder that is in the middle of nowhere. And not holding on to anything when you get to the top. Its almost as though your hovering above the ground, like you can feel the world spinning. Give it a go.

27th January: Power down

This evening we had a black-out in our small town.
(Such events happen at some odd times here.)

As inconvenient as it first might be, it was nice that it slowed my evening activities down. With no lights to see well enough to read -my eyes strain enough as it is- and only the twilight dusky shadows in the house; I used this time to make pancakes for dinner. Nice thick pancakes with maple syrup, the best kind of pancakes!
(There are advantages to having gas stoves, which only take a match to light)

You don't realise how much rushing about you do, and how much we rely on electricity, until it is turned off, and all there is for you to do is pour a glass of milk, sit on the back deck (with dogs and cats drooling) while eating mapled pancakes!

Give it a go, no telly, no computering, just sitting... Just breathing.

26 January 2009

26th January: Raising the Flag

Along with my fellow Australians,
This day I stopped to think about my Country.
I took a moment to think of what it means to me to be Australian.
I stood under our flag of the southern cross,
I am proud to call Australia home, mine.

As well as hanging our Australian flag at the front of our home. We gathered the family around, (Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Grandpa, Grandma), and attached a new flag on the old flag pole at the 'shop to be.' I felt very Australian in that moment. As this particular flag pole has not had a flag fly from it in over 20 years. Yet today, newly painted (Thank you Grandpa), it holds our flag.

Seeing it flap and crack in the wind made me think of my favourite poem by Banjo Paterson:

"Our Own Flag"

They mustered us up with a royal din,
In wearisome weeks of drought.
Ere ever the half of the crops were in,
Or the half of the sheds cut out.

'Twas down with saddle and spurs and whip;
The swagman dropped his swag.
And we hurried us off to an outbound ship
To fight for the English flag.

The English flag_ it is ours in sooth
We stand by it wrong or right.
But deep in our hearts is the honest truth
We fought for the sake of a fight.

And the English flag may flutter and wave
Where the World-wide Oceans toss,
But the flag the Australian dies to save
Is the flag of the Southern Cross.

If ever they want us to stand the brunt
Of a hard-fought, grim campaign,
We will carry our own flag up to the front
When we go to the wars again.

25 January 2009

25th January: All The Crazy Poeple

My rather random thought of the day:

What is it that makes crazy people crazy?

I do not mean this in any disrespectful way;
though when you get past their 'tick', (which if we be honest nearly all of us has one of those), why do we call them crazy? Because all of the people like that I have met, or (dare I say it) seen in movies, they are not half as crazy as they have been labelled. It is more a matter that they speak what they believe as their truth. Is it that some of these people have lost/never found their ability of tact and politeness?

But the truth is not always polite, and sometimes when we think we are being tactful are we not just being liars? Because in telling truth comes an amount of hurt.

So I ask you, what is normal,
to tell the painful truth,
or to live a life of lies?

24th January: Storm = Hope

As a child I believed that the end of the world would come during a storm. Between a crack of thunder, I imagined hearing Gabriel's trumpet, that rolling sound would no longer be an invisible noise, but rather an army of white horses.
It was because of this I would very seldom sleep during a storm, (maybe too nosy for my own good), but if this was the end of the world I didn't want to sleep through it.
Though I no longer believe storms as the only time the end of the world could come, it would be a fitting setting. Now I find that they bring a certain amount of calm with them.
God sent us a symbol of hope, and He hung it in the sky.

23 January 2009

23rd January: Life Sort

Every month or so I have a little panic moment come over me;

Nothing is where it should be,
I have no room to move on my desk,
Countless 'to do lists' threaten my spare time,
Each draw is too full,
New ideas keep flooding in...

I think you get what I am saying. My room, plans, and mind get a little over loaded. That is when that panic comes. It is the panic of needing it sorted NOW!
To be honest I was surprised to have my first little sorting session already for 2009. (I'm sure I was all neat and prepared leaving last year behind.)

One hour in, and I had finished the top draw of the desk. Boy is that sad!
Though it did speed up after that. It always is that top draw that gets you, you know, the easiest one to open and drop those odd 'I'll sort it later' items in.

My favourite thing about this private sort, is it does offer time to sort out those one-liners that you scribbled down so you wouldn't forget to expand upon the thought; Time to go through all those darn lists that rule your life and figure out exactly how many years worth of odd jobs you still have left to get to; Time to find out where you've wondered to.

It is my time to set a time to get these things done. Being this organised is a complex, complicated job.

22 January 2009

22nd January: New Shoes!

After a day out with Mother and Sister... I came home with goodies!

I am most happy about being the proud owner of these:

Aren't they just glorious?!

In the store while trying these on, I was doing a little jig for Mother and Sister, when behind the shelving a head came round, followed by a voice saying how great those shoes are... Yes, I was caught by the shop assistant, doing a little dance.
This brought to mind many funny ways we have of getting out of these embarrassing moments.

1) Carry on with your happy dance, with a big smile upon your face
2) Act as though you were just looking at something else
3) Quickly ask a question of the lady,
4) Go very red in the face, look down at your feet, and pretend you cant hear Mother and Sister getting a great crack out of the whole scene.

For the record, I think in my embarrassment I was a mix of 1 and 4.

21 January 2009

21st January: Running...

Have you ever felt like running?
Not to anything in particular, and not from anything.
Just running,
to feel your legs underneath you
holding you up
and moving you forward.
Running so you can feel your lungs,
and hear your heart.
Having the ground pass under your feet,
and the air push against your skin.
Feeling your whole self,
Feeling alive.

20 January 2009

20th January: Epoch Times

Each week after a day in town, my Grandpa will tell me that he has 'it' for me...
For those in the know, (which soon you shall be), the 'it' is my copy of the Epoch Times.

The Epoch Times is a free news paper which is printed once a week,
Despite how I have tried to find this paper I never can.
Hence why my Grandpa will pick me up one with his own.
On the whole I am not a huge news paper reader,
Yet when it comes to this particular paper I go weak at the knees.
To be honest I'm not even sure when it came about that I started reading it,
A year? Two?

Now when approaching the task of reading through said paper,
one must be armed with a pair of scissors, as there is -every time- an article I would like to keep. Whether it be for research purposes, story ideas, or simply a spark of curiosity.

It takes me a good two hours to go from front to back pages,
snipping, reading, pondering...
This week's edition came with no exception.
The articles which made it into my journal this week include:

"Climbing robots put to work"
"Happiness is contagious, study finds"
"Ancient submerged cities - rethinking our ancestry"
"Brainwashing the whole country and turning it into a 'mind prison'"
"Mummy thought to be Queen Seshestet found in Egypt"

19 January 2009

19th January: Small Things

It is no secret to those who know me that I am easily excited about things.
This can be anything from reading a great couple of words, to finding a better way of doing a job, what I'm about to eat, in everyday conversations, or even new toys...

Recently I bought myself this awesome little thing:

It has brought me quite a bit of amusement. As you might have guessed I have been putting date stamps on everything!

I write two words, date stamped
Started a new song, date stamped
Draw a picture, date stamped

If I must be honest, I've pretty much made up an excuse to use it every day. (There's nothing wrong with that... Is there?)

18 January 2009

18th January: *Frustration*

I had great plans of taking many photos this afternoon,
a walk around our rural town,
visits to the cemeteries,
wondering at what lives those people might have lived,
viewing the land from a top a hill,
walking around the grounds of the churches,
looking through the coloured glass windows,
(for a village with a sign saying 150 residents,
we have three old churches!)
Strangely it is the places closest to you that you visit the least.
Well, I know that is true for me.
Halfway down the road and my camera decided to start flashing-
the red battery picture in the bottom corner.
Isn't that how it happens..
The day you have the time and inclination (together a rare couple)
technology tells you no!


Either way I took my walk, and a few photos, which you will find below.
And it has given me an idea for a new post I will add soon.
(Hint, Sunday morning the bells are ringing...)

Have a lovely week everyone!

17 January 2009

17th January: Polaroid....

I have found this amazingly fun, adictive, exciting thing...


It is a program thingy which changes any picture you have already to look like a polaroid. Be warned, it is EXTREMLY adictive! Above is some of my photos I converted.

I think I need to calm it down a little bit, as these little things have been getting me rather excited over the last couple of days. For the most part, I am the source of my own amusement.

16th January: Shape-O Ball

This evening I went to my first Tupperware party. (Unless I am allowed to include those attended as a child with my mother...)

To be totally honest I hadn't realised that there were still such parties. Not that I had any reason to give it any thought until now.

I couldn't believe how it was all the plastic-ware I had grown up with. I knew many of them. Only now they come in funkier colours. Out of every thing there, the one thing I got most excited about was this:

(All those who had one of these as a kid please raise your hand... *I raise my hand*)
Seeing this thing (which I found out is called the Shape-O Ball) brought back so many memories of days spent in front of the toy-box that was in the room my brother and I shared.
When I mentioned to Mam about my excitement of rediscovery, (That sounds so sad!) She told me how she got to hating the thing. After just having picked up our mess, or vacuuming the carpet I would always grab that toy, pull on those yellow handles and let the shapes go everywhere. Oh the fun of it!

Every child should get the pleasure of playing with a Shape-O Ball!!

15 January 2009

15th January: Fashion

On one of my many walks from our front door up to the 'shop to be', I noticed this mixed with the sticks and stones around it.

This got me thinking about fashion.(go figure) How every year things come in and go out of style, suddenly seemingly random items are now the 'in' thing. A certain type of photograph, or books, or clothing, or music...

I have always wondered, if it was truly boiled down, who it is at the top making all these decisions as to what will be in next season, and what will be labeled un-cool. Have you ever wondered?!

I'm not saying I do not like any of these new ideas brought forward; though it is slightly amusing seeing what will be the next thing on a chain hanging around our necks.

14 January 2009

14th January: Colours!

A day full of colours!

13 January 2009

13th January: Four Thousand Words

If one picture can say a thousand words, I've had much to say this afternoon.

The gathering of those I love for a cup of tea together.

Writing exciting ideas for a new story.

Having fun with the puppies.

Taking time to breath,
To talk,
To play,
To imagine,
To allow myself to create.
Taking time to live my life in the sun!

12 January 2009

12th January: Floating

While floating in the water, with my eyes to the sky, I remember that scene in Everafter. It is an unreal feeling drifting weightlessly across the surface of water. I imagine it would be similar to that of flying, or at least I would like to think it to be.

This reminded me of a game I used to play as a child. I would lay on my back for hours; it didn't matter where, in the grass, in a room through the house. I would picture the world with everything on the floor now upon the ceiling, or up in the sky. Thinking up ways I would make it work. For some reason I liked the fact that my doors where never flush with the 'floor.' I would think of myself climbing over these obstacles.

I wondered if God saw us only from the top 'view,' or was He inside each of our walls, seeing us as though in a mirror...?

I loved to move items around in my head, the picture that clear in my mind, that upon reopening my eyes I was surprised that it remained in its original spot.

11 January 2009

11th January: Creative Start

I've had an eagerness to create something.

This is the beginning of my new project.

10 January 2009

10th January: Moondance

The air outside has cooled,
a breeze gently touches my skin,
before continuing on its journey.
The sun is visiting the other side of the world;
frogs and cicadas chant there evening song,
somewhere not too far away a dog barks.
I take a walk down the garden path,
your light shines bright on this summer night.
My eyes turn heaven ward,
the stars twinkling...
Your glow is coming around that tree,
thou your face is hid from my sight,
I stub my toe, (it hurts)
causing me to stumble forward,
It is from this new viewing point I see you.
You are beautiful tonight.
Though my camera is in my room.
I will see you again before a new day dawns.
Anything can happen, with you above my head.

"What a marvelous night for a moondance,
with the stars up above in your eyes"

09 January 2009

9th January: Visitors!!

It is always exciting having poeple over for lunch,
our visiters today were dear Emily and her Mother.
There is nothing like meeting friends for the first time,
and there not being a stranger in the room.

It was also wonderful having converstaions with kindred hearts.

Dear Emily, I forsee many more visits... And am looking forward to them!

08 January 2009

8th January: Listening to...

A note to the tune of the Killers new album, Day & Age.

By far this would have to be my favourite album of theirs.
After listening to 'Sawdust' and being very disappointed, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoy every song on this new album. (It is quite rare, normally there is at least one song I do not care much for, that is on any album.)

So here I am again, hooked listening to

(And loving every note of it!)

07 January 2009

7th January: Thinking time

Spending all day painting gives one plenty of time to think about things. I believe I have written about the random-ness of the thoughts that could be passing through my head at any moment...

In all truth I almost like thinking as much as I like talking. (Ok, that's a lie, I talk way more!) Though what I'm trying to say is it has been nice after the craziness of Christmas and New Year, to be able to catch up with all the things I wanted to clear out in my mind.

In addition to planning out new projects, the good old 'TO DO LIST', and pleasant recollecting of this past festive season; I have added many more ideas to my resolutions. Mostly these are personal attitude amendments. Often, the hardest of all things to change.

Last year a question was put to me, 'if you could give this new year one word to describe what you would like it to mean/be to you, what would that word be?'
My word for 2008 was 'contentment'.
This year, I'd like to give the word 'anticipate'.

So I pose the question to you, Your word to describe 2009??

06 January 2009

6th January: Yes Man

This evening my sister and I went to see the new movie 'Yes Man'.

The idea was one that makes you stop and think just how often we don't even consider some things that are thrown at us along our walk of life.
How often do we have an idea set in our minds of how something is (or will be), and we will never know any different because we won't even give it a go.
Unlike in the movie, I am not suggesting that I am going to start saying 'yes' to everything, though I hope to take the time to at least give things the thought that is due them.

05 January 2009

5th January: Painting Begins...

We are out to paint the town! Or rather our own part of it.

At last we have reached that point where we can paint the outside of the 'shop to be'. After weeks of removing layers and layers of paint from the window frames, awning, (as the building was an old service station) and gutters; the day has finally arrived to apply the paint. (Not a moment too soon.)

Me and 'Ratter'. (the small roller)

Ratter, -isn't he cute?- in hand and a cutting I will go...

04 January 2009

4th Januray: My List 2009

A few things I would like to do (or change) in the year of our Lord 2009. (Short edition)

- Spend more time under the stars
- Write every day
- Keep in touch with people I love
- Look for beauty in my everyday
- Invest many hours in front of my piano
- Write a 50,000 word NaNoWriMo novel
- Finish doing up the shop
- Open said shop, and thrive
- Make new friends, spend more time with those I have
- Read over 50 books
- Take pictures of wonderful things
- Think outside the box
- Buy a foxy pair of shoes
- Make delicious meals never before attempted
- Find my creative side again
- Sing many songs
- Be more forgiving
- Stop waiting for someone else
- Follow things through to their end
- Fill my days with flowers, sparklers, and laughs
- Plan and attend a Ball
- Make a dress to wear to Ball
- Send more letters
- Offer smiles freely
- Take time to consider those around me
- Learn many new things
- And hopefully love, help, encourage, listen to, as many people as is possible.

03 January 2009

3rd January: Special Moments

I have been spending some time going through photos that were taken throughout last year. I want to share some special moments from 2008.

Working long hours together to meet a deadline:

(Not killing eachother in the process) Realising how much we can achieve working along side one another.

Going on holidays, and finding amusement in all sorts of ways:

Mother, Daughter moments:

Unbelievable skies:

Oh please can someone tell me how you sum up a years worth of moments? When all the moments I want to hold refuse to be sealed in a jar for preserving. In my memory only will they be contained.