28 January 2009

27th January: Power down

This evening we had a black-out in our small town.
(Such events happen at some odd times here.)

As inconvenient as it first might be, it was nice that it slowed my evening activities down. With no lights to see well enough to read -my eyes strain enough as it is- and only the twilight dusky shadows in the house; I used this time to make pancakes for dinner. Nice thick pancakes with maple syrup, the best kind of pancakes!
(There are advantages to having gas stoves, which only take a match to light)

You don't realise how much rushing about you do, and how much we rely on electricity, until it is turned off, and all there is for you to do is pour a glass of milk, sit on the back deck (with dogs and cats drooling) while eating mapled pancakes!

Give it a go, no telly, no computering, just sitting... Just breathing.


  1. A beautiful thought... but why make the pancakes and tempt me when you know I can't have them??

  2. Your pancakes sound so yummy! :) You are right, taking a break from all the hustle and bustle is sometimes exactly what we need, even though it may be inconvenient! :)I am sure the pancakes and milk made it all the more bearable. haha :)