10 May 2011

Party time

Golly gosh it's been a big week.

Thursday was my Boo's 21st  birthday.

We gathered for lunch break, ate pies (who would have guessed?!), and gave gifts. This year I wanted to get him a watch, however as he's never picked one out before I wanted him to choose it. Since I didn't have anything for him to unwrap, I cut out different pictures of watches, glued them to cards, named them and on the back of the cards wrote something about each different one. (The names and descriptions varied from 'Pimp Daddy' to 'Old Man', I believe Bruce Willis even got a mention.)

~Side note~
This brings me to a question, is it just me, or are most guys rather hard to pick gifts for?!

I made a choc mud cake, layered with blackberry jam and gnash topping. Super sugar kick!

Friday night Boo's family drove over (they live 2 hours away), we participated in a game of ten-pin bowling. (I am TERRIBLE at bowling, I swear next time I may get the bumpers put up, much to the embarrassment of Boo who along with every member of his family is great at it.)

It's been a busy few weeks at the Shop, Easter and Anzac Day, our town hosting its annual Pumpkin Festival, and Mother's Day. Posts about these on the Daily Pie Blog! Go have a look-see!

Party on blogger friends.


  1. mmm! that cake looks very tasty!

    thanks for your lovely words on my blog :)

  2. that cake looks SUPER-DUPER-AWESOME! :D

  3. I sent out an email about the swap, but wanted to let you know here in case your email still isn't working.

    Let me know if you get the email :)
    and if you're email is still on the fritz we'll work something out.