02 July 2011

Comings and Goings

My blog is becoming a month to month catch up post... This is not right, things are going to change around here!

This week we had to say goodbye to a loved kitty cat, 'Kath' our mother cat has gone to Kitty Heaven. She now lays next to other loved family (pet) members. I had taken her to the vet worried about a lump on her side, it was a hernia, which when the vet had opened her up to fix found it to be more complicated then he had first believed it to be. The vet called me, I knew that could not be a good thing. After explaining all this to me, and telling me that her value of life would be terribly compromised... He waited, needing an answer of what to do. I told him I'd call him back in a minute. Truth was, I couldn't do it, I could not give him the answer I knew to be best for Kath. My dad made the call for me. Its never easy letting go of these tiny creatures that weave there way around our hearts.
~RIP Katherine~

On a lighter note... I FINALLY finished my quilt! So I've been putting it off for a ridiculously long time... I blogged about it here, Gosh even that was a long time ago. Pictures to come soon.

A fortnight ago I won a flying lesson. The competition was hosted by a local radio station, (my Boo had entered my name) being 'picked' to partake in the challenge, the rules were simple. Step one: Make a paper plane. Step two: throw said paper plane the furthest. Mine did go the furthest against all odds, and thus I won.

I'm not sure if you've ever read my '100 things', but being a pilot has been a dream of mine for a long time. I do not know when, what or why I came upon this idea in my head that I wanted to fly a plane, yet it was there all the same. Even though I had never been off the ground before February of this year. Dreams do not always need to make sense or fit into logical thinking, they sometimes just ARE. This is my beliefs on the topic.

Also in my absence from the interwebs my Sis bought me an e-reader. This thing is pretty neat. Although it will never stop me from buying books, (I love the smell and feel of them too much), I am loving that it keeps you organised with what you are reading, were you are at, and a really 'easy to find' way of keeping stories together. Opposed to how I pack my bookcase, same author together, yet beyond that no one else understands why Neil Gaiman goes between Oscar Wilde and Nan Witcomb.
How do you organise your books?!

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  1. so sad to hear about your kitty! : ( i know when i lost my pets it was tough...

    & i can't believe you are going to be flying!!! WOW. i've always wanted to fly too. you are so very lucky my dear! congratulations!

    & i don't really have a way that i organize my books...just books that kind of go together are together i guess...haha : )

  2. i am so sorry to hear about your kitty. :(

    well done for winning a flying lesson! thats fab!!