22 October 2011


A little birdy is here to tell you of a very special lady!

Mam taught me pretty much everything I know.Never to give up, to be truthful, to be the better person.

Despite the fact that we may be from two different generations, I'm quite sure I could never find a more kindred soul to mine. We are two the same my Mam and me. We come from the same kind of pod.
I call her my FREAK, as so often we will be thinking along the same lines, or finding beauty in thoughts, words or objects at the exact moment.

I love working with her, sharing cups of tea while having discussions. Ever talking of future plans and goals. My Mam works harder then most people I know, she is the in-house Dr, the bookkeeper, peacemaker, organiser, event coordinator, business owner, pie maker. She is a true woman of substance...

Happy birthday FREAK!

My love and devotion,
Your daughter

P.S Go give my Mam some love over here!

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  1. happy birthday to your mom! i'll go wish her a happy birthday on her blog : )