09 September 2010

Life is Wonderful, Kick the Blues

When everyday happenings seem to overwhelm... Sarah's top five "Life is wonderful, kick the blues", steps to brighter days.

Number one:

Clean your view of the world.
NO, I'm not talking about getting in touch with your attitude and thinking about all that you have.... (although that's not a terrible thing to do.) Now is not the time to be thinking about that. You're "IN THE BLUES" everything will seem gloomy.

I meant more literally.

Clean the windows in your Room, Kitchen, Office.... Where ever you look out from. Your favourite view, make it clearer.

Number Two:

Change your bed sheets. Put on the fluffy-est, most comfortable, clean smelling ones you can find. Puff all your pillows. A good nights sleep is one of the best things that can bring a brighter morning.

Number Three:

A change is as good as a holiday! And that's the truth. If you can manage to move things around so that it makes your everyday a bit easier to live with, than that is far better for the soul. (cost... Zero)

So start moving that furniture around.
Re-organise your work space, bring out your favourite things from hiding and put them on display.

Number Four:

BE CREATIVE! finish off that project you've been 'meaning' to get to. Start something new. Either way, create.

Number Five:

Certainly not least... Make someone else smile.
As a kid, we'd sing along to this song "Happiness came looking for me, when I started bringing happiness to others." As cliche as it may sound, nothing brings such pure peace as that of a selfless act.

There you have it, my tried and tested methods to give the blues the kick.
Have happy days, would you just look at that rainbow already!



  1. Such strength of character! I admire you so much...Love always.xx

  2. this post comes in very timely! i've been feeling a little low these days due to a lack of direction in my life and ur blog post encourages me to remain positive and optimistic! :) i wanna say BYE to the blues and Hello to the rainbow!