08 January 2010

8th January: Resolution two

Number Two!

In 2010, I hope to read 50 books or more. Although I have set a number to this, it is not so much the number that I am concerned about. Rather the actuality of making my way down (and reading up) a whole chunk of books I have had on the list "TO READ".

(Number two.five)

This comes hand in hand with the resolve to find new accommodation for some old loves, as well as some new I hope to find throughout the days that follow. I'm sure I will find some lost loves hidden within, if they were given a little more room to breath.

I heard someone say once, (forgive me I do not remember whom) "if you have more shelf space then you have books, you are doing something wrong."
According to said advice, I think I'm on a good path...


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  1. I'm also resolving to read a lot of books on my shelves. I've just finished 3 books which I'm interested in swapping. Have a look and let me know if you'd be interested in any of them for a swap.http://snapthatpenny.blogspot.com/2010/01/interested-in-book-swap.html