08 May 2009

8th May: New Phone

Anyone who knows me at all will confirm that it doesn't take a lot for me to get excited over something (anything). Though today I find my reason of excitement is valid in most peoples books...

I got me one of these little beauties!

I've never had a slide phone before, that has caused quite a bit of amusement. The features that they put into phones is absolutely mind blowing. (Call me a country girl)

With that said, why do the manufacturers make these things so difficult to figure out? I will be the first one to tell you that I am by no means good at figuring any type of technology out. Even after spending a couple of hours going through the manual -trying to change the setting to suit me- I have not been able to answer a number of questions in my own mind.

Has anyone else ever thought of sending a bill to the designers/programmers who make these devices that take us hours (if not days) to figure out, when the purpose of these gadgets was to make our lives easier. Truly do they make anything easy now? I mean give me a pen and paper, I can keep a diary. Do we really need to talk to someone all the time? (probably not what I should be saying when I am telling you of my own new phone.)

In my truest form I'm an old-fashion girl at heart. Maybe the reason I get so excited about the simple things in life, is because they are just that, simple. Now days there are so many rules, so many different things we are told we can't live without, so much waste and lack of appreciation. Lord, I'm thankful for the big as well as the small blessings you give me each day!