18 May 2009

18th May: Grandpa

I managed to capture the very true essence of my Grandpa with this photograph.

He is definitely the great thinker in the family, the dreamer, the Pavarotti, and most recently the waterer of the lawn-seed. There is no questioning where I found my love of (certain) news papers.
Peacefully he sits in the sun, reading news articles which he will passionately talk about the injustice of, or the shenanigans that they call news in this day and age.

I believe that to a certain degree, we forget (though this may be because we could never know/understand) all that our grandparents have been through, all the changes they have seen over the years as technology and society has changed.

I love hearing the stories they have to tell. Days of hardship, of hard work, days of war, though also the happiness they came across during these dark times.
Lord knows, my grandparents have many stories to tell!