05 April 2008

Remember the stars...

Waiting for the world to stop spinning; or the sky to stop moving. Will the stars stop shining? Will the birds stop flying. Will I ever stop wondering??

Do you remember the stars? Did you stop to take note of them last night?

When we were kids we were told to make a wish "upon a star."
I took this quite to heart. After being 'tucked in' I would sneak to my window to find that same star I had talked with the night before.

The star never came to me with a wand, in a shining gown, as it had visited Pinocchio.

I puzzled over where the star hid in the day. Because I knew I could hide better in the dark.

"Are they still there?"

I never stopped 'speaking' to the stars at night. I never stopped wondering if they watched. Each evening I find it my habit to go out on the back deck, just to make sure they are still there shining over me.

I read something the other day that brought this childish habit to my attention.

"Tell them to look up, tell them to remember the stars."

It made me realise why I still do this.

There are so many things throughout life that cause one to forget his place. How we let happenings determine who we think ourselves to be.

For me, the stars help me to remember, that we are all so much smaller than it all. God didn't want us to forget this in the dark.

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