06 April 2008

Childish Excitement!

What happens to the excitement we have as children. Why do we start taking things for granted as we get older. When it is only as we get older that we can really understand how fast things can be taken from us.

I realised the extent of this at work; I was ‘running’ (as we use in the industry) a bowl of chips to a table within the dining room. Upon my entry to the main dining area two little boys started wriggling in their seats, turning around to watch my ever nearing steps toward them.

“The chips are coming!!!”

They were telling the restraunt, in their young high pitched excitement. The mum, try as she may to control the youngsters had no hope.

“I can see boys, but I need you to sit quietly in your seats...”

Hearing this, the elder of the two boys looked at his mother, then at me, as I now stood at the end of their table.

“But mum, you don’t understand, the chips are HERE!!!!”

I want find my childish excitement, this world has enough gloom.

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  1. This is what great blogs are made of. Life at it's nitty gritty best!

    Your biggest FAN