28 April 2009

28th April: Today I'm Thankful For!

Today I find comfort in amazingly awesometastic friends who make up whole academy's so as to send me letters from them. In doing so, bring my heart a great amount of encouragement. (Thank you)

For Pumpkin pies with maple syrup drizzled on top, hot from the oven.

In finally deciding upon a dress to wear to a Ball.

In taking a hurried drive into town to find we have missed the bank, but that means a coffee with a very special Mother.

Puppies who are always excited to see you upon a return, even if you never left.

Buying packets of glitter, which I never grow tired of seeing, and is not used hardly enough throughout the world.

The realising that God saw fit to give me today!

Stolen moments playing new tunes upon my dusty ivory. Imagining the possibilities of a simple melody that has been caught up in my mind for days. Getting to let it into the air through my fingers.

Warming frozen legs by a wood fire, that makes the house smell of burning dirt and smoke.

Curry with Rice.

New colourful scarf that shimmers in the light, with little platted tassels on the ends.

Often it is when you feel overcome by goings on, that is the time most of all you need to find these things that have made you smile. Because it is what gives your heart strength to carry on.

24 April 2009

24th April: Pumpkin Ball

I am involved in a community group that is organising the annual Pumpkin Festival our town hosts.
This year my sister and I have been put in charge of organising the Pumpkin Ball that runs alongside the festival.
We have chosen the theme of masquerade; mystery and enchantment. The Ball will be held in a week today, and there is still quite a bit of work to be done for everything to be ready.
We have a local band playing on the evening, there will be live auctions, and miscellaneous prizes handed out on the evening.

Being involved at such a level has really taken me out of my comfort zone. I have done things I never thought I could/would. This afternoon I had an interview on live radio regarding Ball and Festival. I was terrified! I've found auction items, talked with caterers, made tremendous amounts of calls to sell tickets... It has been like a full time job. I am just about ready to see the end of it now.

One of the last things I have to panic over is finding a dress and mask. I've been that busy telling others not to forget to wear a mask on the evening that I forgot to look for one of my own.

There will be photos of the event up soon!

21 April 2009

21st April: Out-House Studio!

This evening, Sam and I went and did our bit for the community album.
For the second year a local musician has put his time into writing some songs, and recording tracks, to make a 'locals' CD.

(Setting up the mixing board)

This is the second year he has asked Sam and I to be involved. We arrived at the "Out-House Studio" just after seven, and after numerous takes, laid down vocals for three tracks.

(Sam and I doing our thing)

As he hopes to have the Cd ready for sale by the annual Pumpkin Festival our town hosts each year, which is taking place in ten days, we wont be able to hear the final mixed version until pretty much the Festival day. Which is both exciting and scary at the same time!

(My song as it looks on the program)

Although it is not my first time recording, I still found great amusement in popping my lips into the mic, it lets of the most fascinating sound when the reverb is on.

(Sam starting to get into his groove)

If it is at all possible, or rather if I can figure out how to do it, I hope to post my track up here. We'll see how it all works out. So keep looking back to see if its up!

20 April 2009

20th April: Our Sign

The sign went up this weekend! It was nice to feel so excited about the whole project again. Because with everything taking so long, jobs growing, and things taking longer then they were assigned; one does become a little hardened to the idea that there is an end in sight.

We were so happy with how it has turned out. From a thought roughly drawn to this!

Ain't she a beauty??!

18 April 2009

18th April: Skeleton Letters

I cant get over how these letters look as though they have escaped the page that was grasped in the jaws of the typewriter.

Now they hang bound in the air, painted and set out to dry.

17 April 2009

17th April: A Grave Tale

I bought myself a new book! It smells of bleach and fresh printing ink.
I hadn't realise until waiting in line to pay that the author has brought the book out in two covers. This makes me immensely happy. Not only are there two covers but within each cover there is a different illustrator. Straight away the reader has a choice of how he would like to approach the story before reading a word.
I know that throughout the ages people say not to judge a book by it's cover. But I just cant help it! For the most part it works for me!

Neil Gaiman has fast made his way to be one of my favourite author. He does not hesitate at approaching a complex theme, while leaving you longing for more by the time you have come to the last page.

(Take a guess at which cover I chose..?)

16 April 2009

16th April: Puppies!

My Dad and Brother arrived home after a trip to town, both of them carrying something in their arms, I didn't take much note.
As my brother got closer to me I could see what it was he was holding, a puppy!
He proudly held her up like the scene in Lion King, and proclaimed "This is Lily", I fussed, and laughed... "And this one is yours." My Dad was saying as he handed me this tiny little fluff ball of excitement. (My Dad is a softy!)

Need I really mention that I was all laughs, smiles, an amount of jumping up and down on the spot, while still a bit stunned.? I'm sure you guessed that anyway!

I named my little girl Pepi.

Our two other dogs are not sure they like the idea; I think for that relationship to work there will need to be a lot of supervised time of getting to know each other.

So suddenly in the peak of our business we find ourselves with two little babies in the family. Terrors that want to attach everything...!



05 April 2009

My New Car!

At last I found the one that was meant for me!