24 November 2008

Mixed Feelings

On Saturday my dear little Bucko died. It is ever so sad to lose a pet(family member). He was such a sweet little chap.

When it came time to dig him a grave, my sister commented that I had nearly reached China. I simply didn't want anything to dig him up. His Christmas ornament that hung in his cage is what I used as a 'grave stone.'

I know it can sound quite foolish, maybe I attach myself too deeply to beings, but I will miss my little man.

Sunday proved to be a very welcomed distraction to my sadness.

Visiting friends,
Lovely flowers,
Long talks,
Many laughs,
House and garden tours,
Rainy skies,
Beef kebabs and sausages,
Delicious cakes,
Bowls of cherries,
Blood orange flavored fizzy drinks,
Warm fire burning,
And many cups of tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

21 November 2008

Blogging challenge...

NaNoWriMo has proven to be every bit as challenging as I had been told it could be. I have run full speed into many walls, tripped over a pot hole or two in my plot line, and now, nine days left I find there are enough words missing from my word count to keep me up well into the late hours of the night.
I have really enjoyed it thus far, I am very glad I heard about this crazy challenge that people all over the world do every November.

My poor blog has felt the lack of attention I have been able to extend to it. So to fix this I have decided that from December 1st to January 31st there will be a new blog entry every day. I will do my utmost to keep to this plan.

62 days, 62 entries, Covering Christmas and New Years, One (slightly crazy) girl...

"Life through my eyes" coming December 2008!

20 November 2008


As a birthday treat for my Dad today we went to the driving range.
None of us actually play golf, and this was my very first time at such a place. Though what a blast we did have!!
Need I less to say there were many "Happy Gilmore's", and swings with no avail. Dad pointed out that I just might be the first person to be able to 'dig' chunks out of the synthetic grass.

In under an hour we managed to whack, hit, tap and kick our way through two hundred balls. Some with a resemblance of seriousness, though where is the 'therapy' in that??!

12 November 2008

Things I Smiled at Today...

Red nail polish (applied late last night)
Playing piano early in the morning
Meeting Friend for brunch
Lillipilli pikelets with berries, enjoyed with said Friend
Cinnamon chewing gum
Promise of a weekend visit
Accidently scaring the receptionist on a business errand
Chatting with familiar faces
Sunny skies
True tales of romance -letting me believe those movies of perfect endings-
Words written in a notebook
Welcomed home by excited puppies (Oh, and Mother)
A letter in the mail-box
Dr. Reed of Criminal Minds
Beautiful full moon
Loved tunes played over and over
Cool night air through my window

I am sure life is too good to me.

10 November 2008

Meeting Internet People...

The title of this post might sound a lot scarier than the actual event turned out to be. There is always those initial fears of what if they are freaks, what if they think I'm the weird one, what if they don't show up?!! My first week of NaNo, and already I have been through things I never thought I would.

I meet 'in real life' people off the internet. Everybody knows that internet people are a breed unto themselves! We have been taught to fear them, we have heard all those stories... I went expecting, well, I don't know really; expecting anything that might be thrown at me. I have been lucky enough to have found a group of people that do not have three heads, or a crazy looking glass eye with stories to match the appearance.
I have also gotten to enjoy the pleasure of meeting my characters, these people that I had hidden inside of me somewhere, I have been able to bring them into the sun for the first time. It has been wonderful. My word count is not where it should be.(no surprises there)
There is a 'form' which through hours spent typing word after word I hope to pull into the shape of my plot. Lets see how that works out.

Writing a novel of my own has giving me a craving to read all the books around me. Unfortunately there has never been enough hours in the day. Anyone who ever implied that was lying in the biggest way.

Yesterday afternoon I was indoctrinated (educated) in the world of the new Doctor Who. I had heard people raving on about it, though pictures of that old 'cardboard box space ship', and 'whacking cabbages as sound affects' version, kept me from venturing near. While I was strapped in my chair (with my eyelids taped open), I realised that after the first few minutes I stopped fighting against my restraints and started to enjoy myself. (They untied me before the second episode... Laughs)
We nearly made it through the first season, before I had to be pulled away from the screen. But I have been promised another 'season' marathon this weekend. Until then my Doctor!

01 November 2008

NaNoWriMo Day One!!

Day one of NaNoWriMo. I have written around 1800 words. Not an awful lot. I must admit I felt a little guilty that I have not updated a new post here in a week or so, yet I hope to find the time to write 50,000 words over the next 30 days. I am in two minds whether to post any of it up here. At the moment I don't even know where I am planning to lead the story, and I would hate to put up a confusing mess of words. Maybe when I have edited it I will.

My music exams are approaching more rapidly every time I think about it. I will admit that I allowed myself to fall a little behind in my preparation. With all fairness I am doing my best to make up for that!

I have just finished Paper Towns! What a book!!

Recently I have happened across a few really great singers/bands (Thank-you YouTube!) There is one song in particular I have been unsuccessful in ridding from my brain, and that is Speeding cars sung by Imogen Heap. What a wonderful voice that woman has been blessed with! It almost brings tears to my eyes!

Ok, that's enough mushyness from me...