10 November 2008

Meeting Internet People...

The title of this post might sound a lot scarier than the actual event turned out to be. There is always those initial fears of what if they are freaks, what if they think I'm the weird one, what if they don't show up?!! My first week of NaNo, and already I have been through things I never thought I would.

I meet 'in real life' people off the internet. Everybody knows that internet people are a breed unto themselves! We have been taught to fear them, we have heard all those stories... I went expecting, well, I don't know really; expecting anything that might be thrown at me. I have been lucky enough to have found a group of people that do not have three heads, or a crazy looking glass eye with stories to match the appearance.
I have also gotten to enjoy the pleasure of meeting my characters, these people that I had hidden inside of me somewhere, I have been able to bring them into the sun for the first time. It has been wonderful. My word count is not where it should be.(no surprises there)
There is a 'form' which through hours spent typing word after word I hope to pull into the shape of my plot. Lets see how that works out.

Writing a novel of my own has giving me a craving to read all the books around me. Unfortunately there has never been enough hours in the day. Anyone who ever implied that was lying in the biggest way.

Yesterday afternoon I was indoctrinated (educated) in the world of the new Doctor Who. I had heard people raving on about it, though pictures of that old 'cardboard box space ship', and 'whacking cabbages as sound affects' version, kept me from venturing near. While I was strapped in my chair (with my eyelids taped open), I realised that after the first few minutes I stopped fighting against my restraints and started to enjoy myself. (They untied me before the second episode... Laughs)
We nearly made it through the first season, before I had to be pulled away from the screen. But I have been promised another 'season' marathon this weekend. Until then my Doctor!

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  1. You cannot know how proud I am of you. I love your writing, I love your blog. Its sphincter-shattering!