02 September 2008

Would Anyone Ever Believe My Stories?

I am sorry that I always neglect this blog, it really does deserve more from me. More than these entries with the last months worth of thoughts and happenings, bundled together in a short essay of 'my recent history'.

You would never believe who I got to meet. Again, minding my own business, busy at work. I do not want to cheapen what might be one of my only big bits of new by just chucking the information at you so I must tell you the story...

There was I, tucked behind the coffee machine, having been there for the better part of the morning. We were readying ourselves for what we knew would be a big lunch service. Finally there was a break in the orders that had been collecting on the spike, keeping me there. I decided that I would have a quick wonder around, make sure that all the empty tables were clear and reset.

People continued to arrive, standing at the door as they asked if we had any unbooked tables that they could fill for the next three quarters of an hour for a "quick lunch". It was in this time that HE arrived. One of those hundreds of people telling us that they could be out so much quicker then if we gave the table to someone else. I new that face, but surely it must be someone who looked so very much like him. I whispered to Jo, and she confirmed my recognition, but also assured me that it could not be true. I continued making coffees... But I had to share with Janine how closely the appearance was. I skipped into the kitchen.

"Neen, there is a man out there who looks so much like Eric Bana."

The kitchen staff all look at me as if I have finally confirmed my craziness. At this point Jo walks in, and our previous discussion is resumed. Me saying it must be him, Jo still believing it couldn't be.

"Neen you have to go and see, tell us if it is Eric or not"

A minute passes, though not long enough for Neen to be back with the news, she approached the glass door leading into the kitchen with the great big smile on her face.

"I don't need to see his face, I just heard him and that is DEFINITELY Eric Bana!!!"

I think that is all the story you really need to be told. I was quite excited to get to meet one of favourite actors. Maybe working in a small country town brings its own exciting moments!

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  1. Eric Bana?


    Getting up off the floor... You lucky girl, you!