21 February 2011

Melbourne Day's 3 & 4

Our last day and half spent in Melbourne was filled with walking streets, (and shops).

We stopped here for a rest and a glass of cider.
My eyes couldn't keep still the whole time we were sitting.

So many alleys with doorways that made me create stories in my head of the people who may have lived there in the past.

Walking the city at night, in the rain, the lights danced for us.

All in all exactly what we needed!
Happy Monday to you all,

12 February 2011

Melbourne Day's 1 & 2

As our flight arrived in Melbourne at 7am, after checking into the hotel it was quite obvious that the first thing on the cards was finding a good coffee. As it turns out we found a rocking little place just up the street from where we stayed. Needless to say they saw our faces every morning.

 The most of our first day was spent looking around Victoria markets, and walking numerous streets that looked like this. Every second step there was something to 'ohh or ahhh' over.

Day two we found ourselves at the Melbourne museum. walking its lengths took up the greater part of the day. There were quite a few areas where photos were not allowed to be taken.
Although I did enjoy looking around, quite a few things were more 'sciencey' then factual.

The animal section definitely took up most of my time. The 'hall' its self was a little creepy, a white room with literally hundreds of stuffed animals displayed there in. But it meant I got to see this guy up close, I wanted to call him Morris. Morris rocks the mohawk!

There was a room dedicated to different insects. I couldn't help but take a few snaps of these gorgeous butterflies. So many colours!

There were also SO many bugs...! Two of them in particular took my attention. Not because I knew what they were, or thought they were cute. No! All I could think upon seeing them was 'I would not be cool if one of those guys flew into me.' Even behind glass you can see the idea of them near my hair is... unpleasant to say the least. 

There were models of dinosaurs, fossils, rock formations. It was quite thrilling.
I even stopped for a moment to look upon the bones found under my feet.

I don't think I visit these sorts of places enough, places that house tokens of the past, of things invented, found, lost... Of stories told.


11 February 2011

Mr Cloud

"Looking down at the clouds for the first time.
Their roughed up surface, soft.
If I dove into you, would you catch me? Could I run along you, for at your edge I'm sure I saw time's sly smirk daring me to chase him.

I thought I'd seen the end of the earth before,
the point where I'd fall off if I were to pass further.
Where your sister the ocean may have dropped me into the center core. 
However your blurry white end promises of a place where only peace is known.
(Do the stars shine brighter, look bigger, sing louder?)

"Mr Cloud, do you mind sharing the blue skies with me?"

I have never seen the folds in the earth like this, the wrinkling of the ground like the leather-look of a face well worn.
The tips of the mountains stretch out their height to see this beautiful day that is hidden from the land. Can I ever again look up at a grey sky and take it seriously, when I now know it's secret.
I know of the beauty it hides."

This week we took a trip to Melbourne. Along with the many new things/places I got to see, it was my first time in an aeroplane. Above (^) are thoughts scribbled while I was up in the sky, a little closer to heaven.
I have lots of pictures to share with you from the trip!

Have a glorious weekend birdies,

07 February 2011

The Daily Pie News

We've just launched the new Daily Pie website!
Whether you'd like to find out our opening hours, see whats on the menu, become a Daily Pie Upper Crust member and get invitations to all our events, or read the daily happenings on the blog... All the information you could want is up there!

We are closed for the month of February for renovations, and a little 'get away' time. (Most of the month being for renovations!)

However we are greatly looking forward to seeing everyone again in March when we will be celebrating our First year of  pie making! ...and eating!

06 February 2011

Oh Sleepless Hour

Oh sleepless hour,
You allow a circus of thoughts
to take center stage in my conscious.
You are the unsettling of the compass;
North's magnetic rival.

Fear of darkness feeds your infliction upon the body.
Awake, aching as though to have landed.
Stunned, a rabbit in the high-beam.

You take charge over the imagination;
Foot steps along the floor.
Who is he, residing under the bed?

Oh sleepless hour,
What tricks you play upon my soul.


05 February 2011

Small things...

Finding something small that brings such a big smile!

I've heard people mention The Worlds Smallest Post Service before, though I'd never got around to looking into it. Until now!
Lea creates these DELIGHTFUL teeny tiny sized letters, complete with a stamped, addressed and wax sealed envelope.
Along the line there are also these pint sized packages tied up with string, (I'm sure these are the ones Julie Andrews sang about in the sound of music!) with the dearest little objects within.

As if these tiny delights weren't enough joy to find, Lea also hosts a number of creative/inspiring projects.
If you have a minute or two to spare, you'll spend more looking around at all the tiny joys.


I was passed this award from Lina, thank you! So here follows seven things about myself.
Number One: I talk at least three times more than most people
Number Two: In front of my piano I am at my happiest
Number Three: You cannot beat a rare steak YUM!
Number Four: I don't like looking for lost things, I make sure I know where everything is
Number Five: I have (WAY) too many books for my bookcase
Number Six: If I get my way, one day my house will become a zoo
Number Seven: I've had more stitches than the rest of my family all together (terribly clumsy)

So there you have it, seven things you many not have known about me... I'd now like to learn seven things about the following ladies.


Enjoy your weekend,

03 February 2011

The Storm

Cyclone 'Yasi' hit the Queensland coast last night. Although we are many many kilometers from Queensland we also had a storm of our own, flooding the workshop. Drenched, heaving rock solid sandbags to block in the top of the driveway; my thoughts and prayers were offered up to those going through a much greater storm then I faced.
At this stage life has been spared, as no reports of deaths have been received.

Just out side my window this morning, after a night where so many homes have been destroyed... We noticed that a new home had been made during the storm....

Prayers of strength to get through the dark days that follow for those affected by this Storm.


01 February 2011

This Poem

This Pen
                   heavy between my fingers
This Page          
                     mocks me with it's lines.
My Head     
                     dizzy in the silence.
The Thoughts            
                swimming round and round.
My Eyes   
                 burning around the edges.
My Cheeks                 
                    pulled tight along the stain.
These Tears         
                            the breaking of my spirit.
My Heart  
                                 Calling... No one hears.
This Poem  
                           physical emotion.
This Ink        
                       testament of the pain.
These Words 
                      written in a hurry.
The feeling   
                        long will remain.