11 June 2009

11th June: Uninspired

I have been unable to find any form of inspiration of which to write about.
My mind is full of thinking of what tomorrow will bring,
Unlike most days, I have a little more of an idea for tomorrow.
As I have had an appointment set for the past three weeks, awaiting this particular day.

This day in which I will part with the one form of wisdom I can truly acclaim, (with unquestioned sureness) that I have possessed.
I am, of coarse, referring to wisdom in the form of four teeth.

In all honesty I have been waiting for this day with great anticipation; as I have been told that the removal of said teeth will take with it the discomfort that has been niggling at me through my days.

There is only one part of the whole ordeal that is concerning me. I fear not the cutting, and the pulling, the removal or the loss. It is the needle by which they wish to sedate me. No, not even so much the needle, but the very thought of being put to sleep. That terrifies me.

Despite being told how silly my fear is in the scheme of everything, I cannot remove it from my mind. And I am not shamed of it; for it is the idea which has chosen to haunt me. That does not mean I will forever be afraid. But for the moment, I may just remain a little on edge.

Bring on the jelly and custard!

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