16 February 2009

16th February: All the Good Things

Making rice pudding at 10pm and enjoying it with lots of cinnamon on top,
Wearing red lipstick while eating rice pudding and listening to Schuberts Piano Sonata in A. (All in the name of music homework of coarse)
This was proceeded by my own tinkling on the black and white keys of my beloved theropist, patients builder, at times frustration releser, but mainly musical instrument with whom I love to waste the time that is never truly wasted.
I read that the other day,
"Time that you enjoyed wasting was not wasted at all"
Sadly it did not mention who wrote it, but with thoughts like that I sure would have liked to read more of them.

For reasons unknown my blogger account has been saving posts I've been trying to publish. Though it seems to be in a good mood tonight. If all is well again, I will be uploading posts from nearly two weeks ago. After writing everyday for two months I couldn't just stop cold turkey, I'd get the shakes around 9:30pm, "I need to write something."

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