18 January 2012

To Every End... A New Beginning

I had so many things I was going to share with you during January. Yet the honest truth is I have been over layed with new, exciting, scary possibilities; yet also going through a sense of lose and heartache. As for new things to start, old things must end.

By end, I am referring to our Pie shop, which after much consideration (and doubt) we have decided to close. To suddenly come to the end of running a cafe, which has ruled my days and decisions for the past 2 years, is like finding oneself without a routine. Be it busy as it was, to suddenly have nothing there, nothing to think to order, or chase. Nothing to prepare... It has been a very emotional couple of weeks. 

In order of starting new things, I have decided to study Veterinary Nursing. (Huge change I know!) I have always known that I would study something 'one day', life moved everything on a whole lot faster than I was expecting is all.

Having The Daily Pie was the best thing that ever could have happened in my young life. How many get the opportunity as I did at my age. If I have learnt nothing else but to cherish what we have been given. I have been truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with my Mother and Sister; To be taught by a master Chef, who showed more patients with us 'shit cooks' than we deserved; To have people come back time and again for our pies. I would not have missed this chance for any amount of money or free time I could have gained.

New things will be happening here, as I fill up my suddenly empty schedule. Bring on 2012, it always did promise to be a year of change!

There is a post on The Daily Pie blog if you'd like to read more...

 I shall always dream in golden crust and tender fillings!

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  1. Wow that must be such a bittersweet change - but I bet you're super excited! Best of luck on this new venture, I really hope it works out for you and I'm sure it will with your positive attitude towards it all!