10 February 2012

Our Love: Diamond In The Dark

Today I have the lovely Jacqueline from Diamond In The Dark sharing with us a glimpse of her love story with her William. Not only does Jacqueline host a delightful blog, but she makes the most adorable robot-animals. You must stop by to say hello!

My name is Jacqueline and I'm a blogger, a crafter, and, as of recently, an artist too! I make robot stuffed animals called Lovebots and sell them in my etsy shop, The Lovebot Factory. I live in Nevada with my best friend and boyfriend, William. I am so honored and happy for Sarah to have asked me to share our story with you all!

William and I met in 2008 through my boyfriend at the time. They had been friends for a year or so and we became quick friends as well. We talked on msn and texted all the time because I was living in California and he was living in Nevada. Although quiet and a little reserved, we became close friends because he is such a goof ball. He is constantly joking around and joking about things you just don't expect! 

Fast forward two years to 2010, I'm single and William has suddenly become my best friend. We started talking on the phone all the time and talking about more serious things than just joking around. We'd never been so close and we had started talking on the phone almost all night every night. Now I have to admit that I have been attracted to William since the day we first met in person in early 2009. He is really my dream man and I'd had a crush on him for a long time. To be honest, when I talked about him to my friends, I called him my "hot friend". I know it's a little embarrassing but it's so true! Now imagine my surprise when, on a late night phone call, he asked if I had feelings for him. Little did I know that he would say he had a crush on me for years as well. It was my dream come true. A few weeks later, December 11, 2010, he would ask me to be his girl and made my life so much better. 

Now a year later we're living together and working on growing our lives together. We both work at Fry's Electronics and spend all our spare time together. We spend most days playing videos, window shopping, and always go to sleep watching the food channel. After a whole year of long distance, being together is a dream. A year of visits that always ended too quickly and lots of lonely nights apart. I love waking up to my best friend everyday and having someone to support me who will always love me. He's my best friend because he is the funniest man I know and makes me feel like I'm the only girl who matters.  I truly have the best man in the world.

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  1. Sweetest story - I follow Jacqueline's blog and I just love love love these two!