17 July 2008

One week frame

This past week I have spent scraping, picking,sanding and paint removering one window frame. Today I cracked, and I was caught threatening the 50 year old paint that refused to come off easily, with a brush full of very toxic paint remover, -which if you happened to get a whiff of would burn all the way to your lungs. I continued through the last few hours waiting for the asylum van to take me away.
We are doing up a house down the road from our own home for my Grandparents to move out here closer to us. Somehow my sister and I got the job of sanding back all the window and door frames, which has proved to be a bigger job than we had first thought it to be.

The rest of the house is coming together, yesterday the tiler finished the bathroom off. The kitchen was picked up this morning, and the plasterer and electrician are due in next week.

I am very excited because tomorrow there is a man coming to tune my piano. I know that this shouldn't be all that exciting; your meant to get a piano tuned every year or so... Key phrase being 'meant to.' I have not kept up my pianos maintenance requirements as I should have. Though in my defence I do my best to keep it dust free, and that can be quite a task with a black piano in the country.

Last night we had a bit of a girls night, my Mother and Sister and I went to see Mama Mia! It was... GREAT! Ok, yes very corny, and everything you'd expect a musical to be, but it was a lovely feel good movie. It was also quite nice to be sitting in the cinema and all around people were singing, and moving around in their seats giving the illusion of 'jiving' along.

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