09 July 2008

One Rainy Day

It has been raining for most of the day; not that the rain has spoiled my day in the least. As I sit next to the fire in the living room, with my puppy sleeping next to me on the couch, the rain all but completes the picture.

The house is so quiet these days. Normally this wouldn't bother me so much, because I would not be spending my day alone within these walls. We have been so busy working, and then spending time working on the house my grandparents will be moving into. That home has been more of a bed and breakfast.

It is amazing how many other noises are heard when there is no human addition. The fire creaks,I can here the cars on the highway in a hurry as the pass on by, the tumble drier dinks every other second with what must be a zipper or a steel button, my bird's foot vibrates on the pole he stands one footed upon for a nap, the wind and rain rattles the tin roof above my head, yet of all the other noises, the dog snoring at my feet gives me the most comfort.

I am not normally a big milk drinker,(coffee is my main drink of survival), though we got this vanilla-malt milkshake syrup and it is just wonderful stuff. I believe I could become quite the milky bar kid with such a delightful lure.

Over the last few weeks I have been doing a glass blowing class. It has been very exciting seeing what can be done, and then getting to try, make, and claim that finished item. It was just an introductory lesson, though by the end of the four weeks we each went home with a wonky glass tumbler, and coloured bauble. And I'm sure that everyone else with whom I did the course was as happy to see their far from perfect items as I was to see mine.

In the glass class we made these glass drops and I have decided that I will proudly display mine hanging from a ribbon on the review mirror of Mozart, my hard earned, blue car. (Yes, it is true, colour is my main point of judgement upon a car!! You have a car that cost you thousands and thousands of dollars, oh its mission-brown??? too bad, Smiles) There is one exception with the judgement of a car, I LOVE jeep wranglers. They are great in any colour!!!

I am hoping that this very spotty blog might help me get past the writers block I have had lately. It is nice to be here again!

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