01 October 2013

Monday Madness: 30th September

Our lives are full of events that shape how we approach the world, how we conduct ourselves, how we make our decisions.

Welcome to our madness...

Alarm goes off for Mister to get ready for work.

Mister gets ready for work and heads off.

Check e-mail, facebook, blogs, youtube... You know, the whole circuit.

Drinking tea with Mam while she feeds Baby (My sweet niece who slept over)
Mam: Can you smell $hit?
Me: I'll have a look around.
Mam: Oh Lord, your dog has a whole dump stuck to her ass!

We take dog outside to clean her up a bit.
The Mister walks by at just the right time to offer some assistants (Love that man!) Didn't take long to figure out that dog needed more than a quick wipe, only thing we could find big enough to wash her in was the wheelbarrow.

After quite a few dry renching seshes, dog is starting to look (and smell) better.

Panicked call from the Grands, the removalist's were refusing to load any of their things because they were not in boxes. Despite the warning we had given to the Grands that this may happen, their house was a collection of random tubs and bags.

Mad dash up the road to help the removalist's pack the truck. Grands stressed, (which is not nice to see of your 80+ year old grandparents on their moving day.)

Finally send truck, now full of Grands belonging (thank you Lord!), to pick up a purchase of a couch, then to meet us at the new house.

Sis packs last minute items, and heads in with the Grands to receive the truck at new house.

Lunch with my favourite men, (Dad and Mister). Mam and I plan our next move. How to get the Grands out of the new house to give us a few quiet hours to set things up for them.

Mam and I head into town to sneak into new house, while Sis takes Grands for lunch and coffee.

We arrive to find everything dumped in one massive pile in the new lounge room. Decide its best to set up kitchen first.

Grands and Sis arrive at Regal Court, what I am dubbing their new home. Slightly overwhelmed at what still needs to be addressed. (Though relieved that making dinner would be a breeze.)

Mam goes with Grandpa to sort his room, while I help Gran with hers. Sis is recruited to set up Tv, phone, ect. (Hallelujah)

We say our goodbyes, pick up Subway for dinner and finally head home.

Vegging infront of the Tv with the Parents, munching down on my footlong Sub.

Bath and bed start calling my name!

Watching 'Big Bang Theory' season 6 with my Mister. Though there was more sleeping then watching going on.

Knock at our bedroom door...
Mister: Hey?
Sis: Is Sarah in there?
Me: Sarah is out!
Sis: Will you climb on top of my cupboard and stick a net over a tiny hole near the ceiling?
Me: WHY?
Sis: There was a bat in my room.. He's gone in the hole.


I still cant figure out in what universe my Sis thought I would EVER willing go climb up to where I know a bat is hiding to try to catch it. My Mister was intrigued. He disappears up the top of the cupboard to catch a bat. (I love that man!)

Return to bed, Zzzzzzz.

Note to self: Life is full of crazy days.

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