08 January 2013

2012 A Year In Review

This past year has taught me to be brave, much more so than I wanted to be.
It has opened my eyes to understanding; taught me to fight my pride, and has wonderfully changed my heart toward people around me because of it.

2012 A year of ice skating dates with my mister

 2012 A year of falling ever further into a Doctor Who fan girl

2012 A year of being the 'new girl' at work

2012 A year we welcomed my first niece, (I expect many more!)

2012 A year of going blond

 2012 A year of finding oneself behind a machine centre with overalls on!

2012 A year of realising how blessed I am to have MY family.

2012 A year to start making YouTube videos

 2012 A year for feathers in your hair

2012 A year to get engaged to my Mister.

 2012 Brought with it much heart ache and fear; it had trials and trouble and never have I been victim to such doubt... However it ended with hope and faith renewed.

2013 bring it!!


  1. What a wonderful life you have dear Sarah! I hope its not too long before we can catch up in person again (we return to Oz in May) - and so so heartily happy about your engagement to your lovely ice-skaing mister!

  2. What a wonderful year! Congrats on your engagement :)