24 November 2012

Life has cracks

When I was a child we attended this one church for many years; I grew up with these people around me all saying that 'The Lord had spoken to them' and 'Pointed them to their path'. In my youth I actually thought that there had been this great voice of God speak to them from the ceiling answering all their questions and calming their fears. I could not understand why God never spoke to me, was I doing something wrong?

It was only as I got older and realised the pretence behind their words that it became clear to me what the truth was, and what lengths people would go to fake it.

Here it is ready or not....

There is no answer to all our questions. There is stress and concern needed in all paths of life because that is our test in life. Its not always about something being right or wrong, but rather a choice that is given to each of us... turn left or right? If we each truly have our hearts in the right place to be encouraging to each other and are ever striving to do what is good and right, then will we not find forgiveness for our stumbling and mistakes?

There is not always Gods voice from above telling us what we should do. When did it start getting drilled into us that God always expects us to make the right choice? Before long you are driven to stress and a kind of depression in thinking that you can never measure up to all these fellow 'brothers' around you who love to read their bible five times a day, and can recite the whole book of John from memory.
When did we start believing that we could ever measure up, or that it was even required of us to?

God requires two things of us, to believe and love Him. He loves us for what we are, mistakes and all. And despite what the pompous would have us each believe, you cannot do anything else to earn or gain more of Gods love. He already did that for us.

Life has cracks, but beautiful things can grow in those cracks.

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  1. I love this! Such a hard lesson to learn sometimes but worth it in the end.