26 May 2010

Kings and Queens

Probably the most fun I've ever had playing with Chess! Mainly this is because I had never been shown the proper way of playing chess; it was the game in which you'd make up your own rules as you went along.
However if every game was played with such pieces (and company) as this, I'd play more often!

Keep smiling,

18 May 2010

To Share With You

A poem lost to the pages of a note book.
I wanted to share this one with you.

If only I could be these four walls,
that look upon you while you sleep.
These walls that keep you safe at night
protected from the wind and rain.

If only I could be these four walls,
that you paint as often as your nails.
To be the canvas for you to pin,
memories, curiosities, pretties that make you smile.

If only I could be these four walls
that listen intently when you read out loud-
That gets to see your face
when in your mind you are dreaming of adventure.

If only I could be these four walls,
the first place you run when you feel alone,
to be your comfort through all pain,
to keep the world out when you need a break.

If only I could be these four walls.

I trust you are well friends,
As is always the case, my love to you...

07 May 2010

Party Animal

Just to make you smile!
My puppy is a rocker!


A Little Lovin'

Too long I have put off the breaking of my absence here. I have missed this space, I have missed reading the spaces of others.

I don't know words enough to sum up how much has passed,

Life truly gives us no chance to suspect we know all that it will bring our way, God has a bigger plan for us then we give Him credit for.
It is always what may seem the smallest moment that changes everything.

One day I was standing watching our Mayor cut a chain, which was to represent the official opening of THE DAILY PIE. Before I have known where the time went, we have been open for nearly two months already.
(Photos to come real soon)

Keep safe,
Love Sarah-Mechelle