03 September 2009

3rd September: Reps!

Perks of being just about to open a new food business?....
Free samples from food reps!

The first of many to come: - meeting with suppliers. Although at some stage this may become a very tedious part of my life, for the time being I am enjoying getting to find out about this whole other side of buying, sourcing, and using this vast array of products that are on the market these days.

Before heading into the business of pies, I had no idea there were tens of different types of butter, each processed in a particular way. I would not have known to be able to mention the enormity of everything they have a product for.

Oh and the thrill of having found a product that may just be what you were looking for.

Time moves at a faster pace while the man is sitting there going through a pile of different papers with the products he supplies. As he tells you the story behind each different manufacturer of the goods.

You sit there listening, throwing in a question or two when you remember to. (Telling yourself the whole time that you will not be sucked in by his 'sales man talk', yet there you sit, getting more and more excited with each new product shown to you - or sample that is offered.) Oh yes, the perks!

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